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Antoine Dodson Keeps It Real With His "Fake" Family

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Run and tell that!

Antoine Dodson has a very serious message to some of the people in his life, particularly his father, his side of the family and some of the extended relatives on his mother's side:


We imagine fame hasn't done wonders for his familial relationships.

Check out the video (above) to see what we mean!

WARNING: NSFW! (He really lets them have it.)

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Paris Hilton's Intruder Gets 2 Years In Prison!

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paris hilton intruder gets 2 years in prison

Maybe they'll get Antoine Dodson's Bed Intruder next! Ha!

To recap, back in August, Nathan Lee Parada attempted to break into Paris Hilton's home with two large knives.

Then in April, he was convicted of felony attempted residential burglary.


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Fill In The Blank

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Antoine Dodson debuted his new, um, look at the Webby Awards last night in New York. The look he was going for with his new weave was _________________.

[Image via WENN.]

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Hide Yo Kids! Hide Yo Wife! Antoine Dodson Is Back…But With THIS?!

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Such a long hiatus since his last video, and he returns with THIS?

Check out the latest YouTube clip from the Bed Intruder's very own Antoine Dodson, which showcases his very refined and sensual dance moves, all to the tune of Rihanna's Skin (above)!


Don't worry. Watching this is just as uncomfortable for us as it is for you.

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Antoine Dodson Pleads Not Guilty On ALL CHARGES!

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antoine dodson pleads not guilty to all charges

Maybe the Bed Intruder set him up! LOLz.

On Saturday, YouTube sensation Antoine Dodson was arrested in Huntsville, Alabama for marijuana possession, as well as failing to appear in court on a traffic charge, failing to have insurance, and speeding.

Now, we've learned that Dodson has plead NOT GUILTY to marijuana possession, as well as EVERY OTHER CHARGE!

So, the police got all of that wrong, Antoine? The cop that pulled you over must have been seriously off his game that day!

Guess we'll see how Dodson fares in July, when he's due back in court.

Good luck, Antoine! And just in case all of those charges some of those charges ARE legit, please don't drive under the influence!

[Image via WENN.]

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