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Fall Out Boy Fulfills All Of Our Wildest Dreams By Releasing Flappy Bird Parody App Fall Out Bird! Find Out When It's Flying To An App Store Near You HERE!

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It seemed just like yesterday we were saying thanks for the memories to Flappy Bird after its developer removed the app from the App Store and the Google Play Store for being too "addictive," but looks like its not completely Game Over!

That's right, the band Fall Out Boy has created their own Flappy Bird parody app named Fall Out Bird, and they finished all the coding in just one day!

Whoa, the Matrix called, it wants its Neo back!

Fall Out Boy dished on Twitter about when we can start downloading this app, finding a secluded place, and spending the rest of our days playing it over and over again:

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Smart Phones With Discontinued Flappy Bird App Selling For Thousands Online! Let The Bidding War Begin!

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Fly, Flappy Bird! Fly through those pipes!

We all felt like our wings had been clipped when the developer of the highly addicting game Flappy Bird removed the game from the iPhone and Android app stores, but now you can buy smart phones that had previously downloaded the game online!

Yay! And they're only thousands of dollars! Yay…wait, what now?

Different eBay vendors are selling their iPhones and Androids from anywhere between $300 and $5,000, most of them for the iPhone 5S!

One iPhone 5 has now reached $90,000 in an auction after 62 birds…uh, bids flapped the price up from its starting position at $750!

Because when we think of an appropriate use of $90,000, our minds immediately go to a game where you press a screen to make a 2D bird fly between plumbing.

Who knows? Maybe the developer will put the very simple game up on the app store again, and make everyone who went on eBay extremely regretful.

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Tamagotchi Reborn As A Smartphone App!

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tamagotchi reborn

Remember when you begged your parents for a Tamagotchi virtual pet for weeks because all the kids at school had them?

And then you finally got one, and it died in six hours?? Well, now it's coming back to life!!

Like magic, Bandai is resurrecting the Tamagotchi fad as an app for your smartphone! Bandai said:

"The original Tamagotchi was first released 16 years ago and took the world by storm. Everyone had a Tamagotchi and loved taking care of their digital pets.

The new Tamagotchi app will feature the same gameplay you know and love with a number of exciting new features."

What new features? Wallpapers, themes, mini-games- not to mention a web series!

Ch-ch-check out the video (below) for the full Tamagotchi L.i.F.e. experience!

Tamagotchi will be available soon for Google Play and the App Store.

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Puppytime iPhone App

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There's a new iPhone app called Puppytime, and it sounds totally cute.

Basically, it sends you three pictures of cute dogs and puppies per day.

Their website said:

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Anti-Gay App Disappears From App Store!

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Considering Apple donated $100,000 to oppose the ban on gay marriage, we knew it was weird for them to host an anti-gay app!

As we previously reported, anti-gay app The Manhattan Declaration was once available on Apple's App Store, but now it is nowhere to be found.

It seems thousands of people banned together to sign an online petition asking Apple to remove the app.

"Supporters of equal rights and the right of women to control their own bodies must stand together and say to Apple: 'Applications that support hate and division have no place in the iTunes Store,'" read the petition.

Good for them. Equality for all!

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Boooo! Anti-Gay App Approved For iPhone!

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WTF?! We want answers!

Apple has approved Manhattan Declaration, an app toted as a "call of Christian conscience" that invites users to stand against gay marriage by signing a 4,700-word document created by Christian clergy and scholars.

The app also "speaks in defense of the sanctity of life, traditional marriage, and religious liberty" and according to its creators, "issues a clarion call to Christians to adhere firmly to their convictions in these three areas."

Users answer a brief, 4-question survey that includes questions like "Do you support same sex relationships?" or "Do you support the right of choice regarding abortion?" If you answer "yes" to any of the questions, you'll be told you replied incorrectly.

And somehow Apple gave the app a "4+" rating, meaning that it contains "no objectionable material."

Not surprisingly, people are outraged!

Change.org accuses the app of fostering "homophobia and extreme anti-choice views" while "[boiling] LGBT people down to little more than deviant cretins."

Creators of Manhattan Declaration has already responded saying:

"These radicals often pollute the debate with ranting. They rant about 'equal rights,' without explaining how homosexuality deserves it, 'women's rights,' without explaining how women have a right to kill their child, and even 'hateful Christians,' without showing instances where we hate."

OMG! Shameful.

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