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What Did DJ Pauly D Give Kim Kardashian As A Wedding Present?


All the more reason to LOVE DJ Pauly D!

The Jersey Shore star was recently approached by Kim Kardashian to DJ an event at her DASH store for NYC's Fashion's Night Out, and not only did he agree to the gig, but he waved his normally $40,000 appearance fee as a wedding present to the fellow reality star!

So sweet! And so, SO thoughtful!

Not to mention he's probably going to KILL it!

Thanks for your hard WEEEEEERK, boy!

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Wanna pAArty With Charlie Sheen? It'll Cost You!

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We're not kidding - this is one of the highest appearance fees we've ever heard!

As Charlie Sheen has been touring the country, torpedoing it with his version of the "truth", he's also been hosting a bunch of after parties, geared towards providing a good time for his fellow warlocks and devotees to Team Sheen. But we started to wonder: how much does it cost to have the MaSheen stop by one of your parties?

Oh, about $200,000, plus the promise of a private jet travel and a massive hotel suite. At least, that is what one Vegas promoter is offering him to make an appearance at one of their soirees.

No doubt his bags of "Charlie Sheen" are packed and he is ready to roll when they are! Hey, who wouldn't be? It's 200K! Chump change considering what he used to pull in from Two and A Half Men, but still, it's nothing to scoff at!

[Image via WENN.]

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Madge's Entourage Getting Ca$h For Bringing Her To Nightclub?!

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Madonna has frequented London nightclub Aura, but rumor has it that her entourage is getting paid to take her there!

The singer was not aware of the payments, but a source claims that she would "not be pleased" if it was true.

Let's just hope her new boytoy Brahim Zaibas isn't in on this! She went to Aura with him just last month and was given the VIP treatment - along with a ton of press coverage!

Another source claims that a member of her entourage received an envelope containing £10,000 for bringing Madonna to the club.

The insider added:

"He struck a deal with Aura. It was agreed that if he brought Madonna down he would be paid £10,000.

Her head dancer Shay Normann had arranged for a team of dancers to come to the club with Madge and 15 of her favorite people.

Normann said:

"The club gave money for the dancers. I took them down to Aura, and we all did a freestyle performance for Madonna.

She loves us dancing. We are there for her to enjoy. The performers are paid. There are about 25 of them and I pay them £150 each. It’s not from my pocket, the club pays them."

That makes sense! An employee at Aura claims that they have never paid an appearance fee.

Yikes! Hope Aura is telling the truth. We would not wanna make Madge angry!

[Image via WENN.]

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Snooki Makes More In Two Hours Than You Make In Several Months!

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The GTL lifestyle totally pays off!

On Friday night, Snooki is holding a very special holiday party in New Jersey. Our fave pint sized guidette will be on hand at a small town tanning salon for two hours, overseeing the festiivtes.

The price tag to have Snooki push your spray? $11,000!

That's right! She's getting paid almost $100 A MINUTE just to sit in a tanning salon.

Talk about getting overpaid!

[Image via WENN.]

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How Much $$$ Is The Cast Of Jersey Shore Pulling For Appearances?

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As we're sure you've noticed, the cast of Jersey Shore is in demand right now, and these guidos and guidettes are smart enough to know to strike while the iron is hot, and therefore are pulling in some serious ca$h!

The Situation is apparently pulling in the most, with his appearance on Dancing With The Stars earning him $100,000!

DJ Pauly D charges $20,000 to DJ events, and Ronnie requires $12,000 - $20,000 for party hosting!

Meanwhile, our beloved Snooki Snickers pulls in $20,000 to simply walk the red carpet, while Sammi "Sweetheart," Vinny and Angelina pull in their respective $15,000, $6,000 and $5,000 for club appearances! And JWoww is apparently pulling in some big bucks with her Filthy Couture fashion line!

Out of control!

But we can't say we blame them! Who knows when their 15 minutes will be up?!

Make the money while you can, bitches!

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The Situation To Make $5 Million This Year!

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Brace yourself because this may make you ill.

By the end of this year, Jersey Shore's The Situation will have earned $5 million for just being his fist-pumping, GTL loving guido self!

According to source, Jersey's ABalicious wonder will rack in the dough from his show salary, appearance fees and endorsement deals. And the cash flow won't end there! The Sitch is totally banking on his popularity and he is writing a book, releaseing a clothing line, an excercise video and least s not forget, a rap single called The Situation.

With offers to star in tv shows and film, it looks The Sitch could be making a lot more money in the months to come.

Notice how we say months and not years. Really, Mike, take note of that before you get too full of yourself to remember you are just a flash in the pan reality star!

[Image via WENN.]

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Dayum! Selena Gomez Is All Kinds Of Rich!

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Disney knows how to take care of their stars, at least when it comes to their wallets.

Sources are reporting that Selena Gomez makes a whopping $100,000 per singing appearance!

At only eighteen years old that is pretty damn good!

Now, add that six-figure sum to whatever she gets for working her magic on Wizards of Waverly Place and what you've got is a bonafide millionaire, who doesn't need to "sex up" her image, like some other people we know.

Of course, we're sure Miley Cyrus was making much more that $100K back in her Hannah Montana days, but still.

It's called class, ladies! Take notes from Miz Selena!

[Image via WENN.]

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