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Donald Trump Fights Dirty Against Univision! You Won't Believe What He Did To Jorge Ramos!

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Donald Trump's fight with Univision rages on to new extremes!

Earlier this week, the network dropped the Miss USA Pageant due to the Apprentice star's racist comments during his presidential bid speech.

Firing back, The Donald threatened to sue the network for "hundreds of millions of dollars" for breaking an alleged 5-year contract to air the pageant!

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Now, the fight has escalated to a new level after the presidential hopeful posted a handwritten letter from Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos — with his personal cell phone number written on it!!

Trump actually posted Ramos' phone number on his Instagram:

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​Farrah Abraham Is Starting Her Plastic Surgeon Career With An Apprenticeship

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Can you imagine having Farrah Abraham sitting in on your butt lift procedure?

Well that's going to happen to some people because the Teen Mom star is seriously pursuing her dream of becoming a plastic surgeon.

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Dr. Sergio Alvarez has revealed that Miz Abraham will start an apprenticeship with him this summer in Miami where she'll watch him perform a butt lift, nose job, tummy tuck, boob job, and liposuction.

After all of that, we'll see if she still wants to go through with the process of becoming a plastic surgeon.


[Image via WENN.]

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Omarosa Throws Name In LAUSD Board Ring! Wants To Fight For The Children!

omarosa loves kids

Parents are going to love this!

Apprentice star Omarosa was known as being ruthless in her stint on the famous reality show, and now she wants to take those skills and use them for the children of Los Angeles!

Omarosa has entered the L.A. Unified school board special election, and is hoping to WIN the current

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Donald Trump 'May' Announce His Presidential Candidacy On Season Finale Of The Apprentice

Donald Trump announcing candidacy

So apparently this whole "Donald Trump running for president" thing is actually happening!

Sources are saying the Trump MIGHT be announcing his candidacy for President of the United States of America on the season finale of The Apprentice set to air May 15.

If this is true, can he PLEASE say, "Barrack, you're fired!" Please, please, please Mr. Trump? Ha!

However, no one is completely sure what Donald is up to and people speculate he may just be announcing a press conference to announce his announcement for his presidential bid.

Confused? Basically, people are pret-ty sure he's going to go through with his run at becoming president, but aren't sure when he'll officially announce it.

In reaction to those who think this may be another publicity stunt from the Trump, he said:

"I don't need to do this for ratings on The Apprentice. This is too important. Our country is in trouble. Our country is not being properly led. It needs help."

As serious as Donald Trump and some other Republicans may be taking his presidential run, we're a little concerned the rest of the world isn't going to take a president who has been roasted on Comedy Central very seriously.

Just a thought!

Do U think America needs Donald Trump in 2012 or is this what the Mayans were talking about?

[Image via WENN.]

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Weird New Couple Alert!

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Well, this is… odd!

There was surely a lot of strange behavior to behold at the VMA after parties, but nothing shocked us more that hearing that Michael Clarke Duncan has decided to get steadily busy with The Apprentice’s ultimate, fiery bitch Omarosa Manigault Stallworth!

The pair are dating!

While walking the red carpet at one of the post-VMA forays, Michael confirmed the relationship to sources, calling her "my girl" and revealing that he actually likes her abrasive personality!

They say there is someone out there for everybody! (But they sure don't look like they fit, do they?)


[Image via WENN.]

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It's Not Dancing With The Stars But…

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It's a paycheck!

Donald Trump may be extending an offer to Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York to participate in the next season of The Apprentice!

A source reveals:

"Donald Trump himself wants to help Sarah out of this awful mess that she has gotten herself into and is discussing finding Sarah a role on his hit show The Apprentice.

"It's not yet clear if Sarah would compete, judge or be Donald's eyes and ears on the next season of The Apprentice — not the celebrity version. However, what is clear is that whatever Donald wants, he usually gets."

Well you can't go wrong with a job from The Donald!

As for interviews about her latest bribery scandal, Fergie isn't doing any because she thinks it's wrong to make money off the story considering the subject material.

Looks like someone relocated her conscience!

[Image via WENN.]

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More Trashy (And Profane) Tattoos For Brody And Avril!


Ugh. How DOUCHEY can these two get?!

A strung-out Avril Lavigne and her current squeeze, Brody Jenner, apparently rolled into a tattoo parlor in Hollywood this week to once again show the world what true love really is - by getting more matching tattoos together!

This really takes the cake, though. They got the word FUCK done on their ribs!


A source says:

“They were laughing and said they had not slept in two days. They were completely, utterly out of it. Then nobody could believe it when they said they wanted the word FUCK written on their ribs. Avril didn’t even care that the only person available to ink her in the shop was an apprentice. She just said, ‘I don’t care, do it.’ Neither of them seemed to stop and think about what they were doing, it was just one big laugh.”

We're so happy that these two are still trolling around together, doing the word dumbass proud!

Maybe you should get that tattooed next! Right on your foreheads!

Keep the LOLz coming, guys!!

[Image via WENN.]

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