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Zac Efron Trades His Dildo Collection For Fuzzy Earmuffs!

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Oh, Zeffy-poo!!

You look way more comfortable in the frigid Arctic winds than you did in the dildo store, LOLz!!

The temperature dropped to -11 degrees in NYC today, but Zac Efron braved the bellowing, biting cold with the world's most adorbzies pair of fuzzy earmuffs!

Cameras captured Zefron shooting a scene for his new film trying hard not to freeze off his footlong Fudgsicle! Thank heavens for those ear-warmers!!!

Stylish and functional? We approve!!

Ahh, can we all just PAUSE for a moment and revel in the glory of his perfectly crafted… everything?? *Sigh*… he completes us.

Are We Officially Dating?, the rom-com Zac was shooting about bachelors who vow to never settle down, also stars Imogen Poots.

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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Zac Efron Keeps His Hand Warm Down His Pants While Filming

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Zac Efron Imogen Poots Filming NY

Hey, big boy! Whatcha doing there?

If you need a little help with something down there, you should've called us not Imogen Poots

Seriously, gurl might be filming Are We Officially Dating? with Zac Efron, but we're pretty sure we have more skillz in that area.

The two were spotted together once again without us, but luckily there were no lip locks this time around!

Just some adjusting, perhaps?

Our boyfriend stayed wrapped up for the cold despite whatever was going on, but we wish we could replace that heavy jacket he’s wearing!

And maybe that hand as well!

Hurry back to El Lay!

We've got sex shops here…wink wink.

[Image via Ivan Nikolov/WENN.]

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Zac Efron 'Begged' Papz To Delete Double-Rainbow Dildo Adventure Pics


Poor Zefron!!! Did you think we would judge you!?

Why else would he chase a photographer through the mean streets of NYC and plead with him to delete the digital evidence of his double-secret dildo adventure at Fantasy World?!

According to other nearby sex toy aficionados, Zac Efron was HORRIFIED when a paparazzo photographed him ass deep, figuratively speaking, in a bitter-sweet cacophony of brightly colored dildos.

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Zac Efron Loves Browsing Sex Shops?!


Zac Efron is wayyyy behind his days on High School Musical..

The ultra hot actor is so manly that he was seen browsing the goodies at a New York City sex shop, Fantasy World, yesterday!!

No worries though! Zac hasn't turned into a total perve!

The hunky leading man was only at the adult toy store to film scenes for his new grown up role in Are We Officially Dating?

Filming there would be the perfect excuse to pick up items for himself though, wouldn't it?

Who are we kidding?! Zac is a sex GOD.

He doesn't need any silly toys to satisfy the woman (or us!) lucky enough to share his bed!

[Image via Splash News.]

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Zac Efron Has Clearly Lost His Mind - Caught Kissing Some Blonde!

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Zac Efron Kissing Imogen Poots On Set


Take it away! Take it away!

We do NOT want to see that picture ever again!

What? It’s from a film?

Oh, well maybe we’ll let it slide that our boyfriend for life, Zac Efron, is obviously being forced against his will to lock lips with his Are We Officially Dating? costar Imogen Poots.

We still don’t like it one bit, but we are always excited to see Zacky busy at work on his latest film, even if it means we'll have to close our eyes during this heinous scene.

But it’s about time Zefron started filming something else…with less clothing and a new costar.

We have someone in mind for him. Wink wink.

[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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Zac Efron Thinks Naughty Thoughts On Coffee Run

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Zac Efron Coffee and Filming

Oh, we sure hope it’s about us!

Because with that look, what else could Zac Efron be doing other than thinking wonderfully naughty things.

If only he had invited us to coffee, we could’ve made them all come true!

Sure, we’re in El Lay and Zac Efron is working in Brooklyn, but we totally could’ve made it there for a cup of Zac joe.

We’re hoping our delicious boyfriend forgot to call because he was actually filming scenes for Are We Officially Dating? with co-star Miles Teller.

The king of everything sexXxy was hard at work and rockin’ his new scruffy look we're finding oh-so scrumptious.

Ring us up next time and we’ll make all your thoughts come true!

It'd be a shame to waste them.

[Image via Lenny Abbot/Pacific Coast News.]

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Your Daily Zefron!!!

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Zac Efron Movie Set Daily

So manly, so serious, so delicious!

And we want more of it!

Zac Efron is looking extra irresistible these days while filming Are We Officially Dating? in Brooklyn.

We’re still in love with his damn sexy grown up style, but we wouldn’t mind seeing what’s underneath it!

Zefron, we're just curious how much of a man you are.

We're guessing plenty. Yum!

[Image via Christopher Peterson/Splash News.]

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