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Justin Bieber’s Brazil Sex Partner Is A Porn Star!!!

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justin bieber argentina sex partner is porn star

Well, we know he had a great night!

Remember when Justin Bieber spent a night in Brazil and everyone heard about it?

It turns out that the woman he denies sleeping with, Tati Neves, made an adult film with HotMovies.com years ago, and now that she’s the talk of the town, they’re releasing it!

According to a report, it’s nothing special, except for that it’s on a soccer field. Ha!

Hmm… Maybe Tati will resurrect her career after this hits the Internet.

[Image via WENN.]

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Justin Bieber Is Claiming His Argentina Flag Diss Was Just One Big, Unintentional Oopsie!

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justin bieber flag diss misunderstanding

Guys, c'mon, you know Justin Bieber would never do anything disrespectful like pee in a janitor's bucket!

Okay, so he might not have the best track record, but the Biebs is claiming innocence in his Argentina flag wipe across the stage sitch.

Although he was filmed wiping the Argentina flag across the stage at his recent concert - cleaning up all his sweaty goodness - Justin's rep is stating that isn't what went down on the video.

Apparently there is more than meets the eye! And that more is apparently the fact that it wasn't a flag at all! It is now said to have been a t-shirt with the flag printed on it, but the Biebs wasn't aware of that as it was on his stage floor.

Not only that, but he apparently wasn't using it as a mop either! The Biebs' rep claims he was just moving items off the stage as girls had been throwing bras and whatnot.

Like all celebs facing serious dramz, JB took to Twitter to defend himself:

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Justin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin Bieber

Justin Bieber Slams Argentinian Beliebers! Watch Him Wipe The Floor With Their National Flag HERE!

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tumblr mtapsbwxdx1sfy6d7o1 500

Could South America put an end to Justin Bieber??!

At this beat, it is VERY possible.

Actually, we were starting to feel bad for Justin's misfortune in the Latin land until he decided to mop the sweaty floor with an Argentinian flag in Argentina on Sunday!

Oh, he went there!

Between his icky

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Justin Bieber Has Been Kicked Out Of His Hotel In Argentina! But It Wasn’t His Fault!!!

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justin bieber kicked out of argentina hotel fans vandalism

This is a rough week to be Justin Bieber!

After his hooker scandal, the singer has been kicked out of his hotel!

What did he do this time???

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Justin Bieber Celebrates Brazilian Hooker Scandal By Chowing Down On Raw Fish With Mom!!

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justin bieber argentina sushi pattie mallette sushi club bueno aires brazilian prostitute scandal

Just days after a Brazilian woman who may or may not have been a prostitute videotaped him sleeping soundly in a bed, Justin Bieber found himself hungry for something else entirely!!!

The Boyfriend singer, who is now in Argentina, apparently took his mom Pattie Mallette, and their entourage out to eat at Sushi Club in Buenos Aires last night!

Awww!!! So cute!! We're sure she was thrilled to spend QT with her baby boy!!

We wondered if they ordered any eda-mommy! Ha! We slay us!

The restaurant's assistant manager in fact dished on all of the glorious seaweed-wrapped deets about Justin's meal, revealing:

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Justin Bieber went to a fancy sushi dinner with his momma in Buenos Aires last night!Justin Bieber went to a fancy sushi dinner with his momma in Buenos Aires last night!Justin Bieber went to a fancy sushi dinner with his momma in Buenos Aires last night!Justin Bieber went to a fancy sushi dinner with his momma in Buenos Aires last night!Justin Bieber went to a fancy sushi dinner with his momma in Buenos Aires last night!

Justin Bieber's Fan Frenzy Led To A Chat With Coppers! See A Pic From The Scene HERE!

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justin bieber argentina chat with police

Well, he certainly looks like he knows how to handle those policemen!

We already know Justin Bieber isn't facing any more dramz in Argentina after his fans went a little wild and did some destructive shizz, and that's all thanks to his chat with the officers (above)!

The Biebs was able to clear his good so-so name after police stopped him and his entourage to discuss what had happened as fans destroyed barricade walls that were put up outside Hotel Faena.

And even though he's already facing charges in Brazil and apparently got into trouble in Vegas, the Biebs can breathe a sigh of relief in Argentina all thanks to some sweet talking…

…or maybe it's thanks to him finally being innocent!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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justin bieberjustin bieber copjustin bieber and cop

Justin Bieber At The Center Of ANOTHER Vandalism Sitch Thanks To His Beliebers!

justin bieber fans destruction argentina

As if being charged for vandalism in Brazil wasn't enough!

Justin Bieber apparently can't escape destruction because during his visit to Argentina, he ended up at the center of yet ANOTHER vandalism dramz.

But luckily, this time, it isn't the Biebs who was causing the destruction. It was actually some of his Beliebers who were just trying to get a piece of their teen king!

It seems that some of his fans might be more

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Justin Bieber and fans