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Justin Bieber Wrangles ANOTHER New Tattoo — A TIGER!

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justin bieber tiger tattoo

This little prince wants the world to know he's no cub anymore!

He's as fierce as a full-grown tiger!! Rawr!

Or at least that's how Justin Bieber seems to be feeling as he just got a tiger's head inked on his left arm (above)… not long after swimming with his new koi ink!

What's going on here!?! Is he trying to start a zoo on his body???

We love us some animal appreciation, but at this rate we should expect a peacock and a donkey soon enough (hopefully in the appropriate places if you know what we mean). ;)

P.S. CLICK HERE for more of Bieber's body art. This is his 14th tat!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Man Born Without Penis Is Going To Build One Out Of His Arm!

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man born without penis arm operation build new surgery

How rare is it to be born without a penis, yet still have a set of working testicles?

20,000,000: 1!

That's CRAZY!

Andrew Wardle, a British security guard, is that ONE. He was born with his bladder outside of his body, which they successfully put back inside with surgery, but he still didn't have a penis. He's about to get one!

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Mom Fully Controls Robot Arm With Her Mind

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Before the robot apocalypse, we all assumed if we had strong enough minds, the machines wouldn't be able to take over.

We were wrong.


This is a FAB story about a quadriplegic mom that is able to control her robotic arm just through her thoughts. It's absolutely heartwarming and ridiculously rad. Science it basically the coolest thing ever, and we have mad respect for it.


Check out the video for the mind-blowing rundown (above)!

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Vanessa Hudgens's Toned Body Loves Pink!

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Vanessa Hudges Pink Gym Toned

We do too!

We think VHudge is looking ridiculous fit here — whatever she's doing behind closed doors at the gym works, and works SUPER well!

Though, it looks like she hurt her arm by the way she's holding it in this picture. Probably from straight up lifting tractor tires and bear-fighting.


We kid, she's fine!

[Image via FameFlynet Pictures.]

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Liam Hemsworth Is A Men's Health Hottie!

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Liam Hemsworth is giving his older brother Chris a run for his money!

The future Mr. Cyrus is looking JACKED on the cover of Men's Health!

He's all in-shape and hunky and handsome.

Miley is one lucky lady!

We knew he was a big guy but holy heck his arm looks as big as Thor's!


Be sure to check out more pics of Liam HAWTsworth (below)! Ha!

[Image via Hugh Dillon/FayesVision/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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The Game Broke His Thumb During Slam Dunk

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The Game is not only a rapper, he's apparently a basketball star too!

He plays ball in the famous Drew League in El Lay and he was recently in a playoff game.

Apparently he fell after a slam dunk and while on the ground, someone ran over his hand!

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The Robot Olympics Are What We Need

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To be honest with all you guys, we're only covering the human Olympics because it doesn't happen very often.

We'd much rather be covering the ROBOT OLYMPICS.

Plus, instead of medals that collect dust later in their lives, these robots will be fighting for lots of money: $2 million.

It's call The Robotics Challenge, and is from the Pentagon’s military research arm DARPA (short for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). Apparently it's happening in October, and is open to people all over the world.

To win, you have to demonstrate robotic capabilities of the future that could someday support the Defense Department’s humanitarian mission: disaster relief, providing aid to victims and running evacuation operations.

So don't bring your Terminators.

Here are some of the tasks:

- Challenged to drive a utility vehicle like an ATV and to master its controls, from the ignition and brakes through to steering.
- Walk on uneven ground and navigate debris in their path, or clear an obstruction from a doorway and open it.
- Be able to break through a concrete wall to locate and then fix a leaking pipe.
- Fine motor skills will also be tested, such as possibly removing and then replacing a small pump and climbing a ladder followed by successfully getting across a catwalk.

One of the major things is adaptability. This is important, because the complexity of any upcoming disaster cannot be entirely anticipated. Things like learning a new tool to help with an unforeseen event would fit this.

Both hardware and software developers are welcome!

So cool! Good luck, everyone!

Science! Science! Science!

[Image courtesy DARPA.]

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