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Female Arousal Nasal Spray Ready For Clinical Trials!

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A new clinical trial is about to get under way for "female Viagra!"

Say whaaaat??

Yup! It's called Tefina and it's a testosterone gel that women spray up their nose about an hour before doing some sex.

Not as sexy as discreetly popping a pill but hey whatever helps ladies get their rocks off!

The drug is expected to be able to boost female sexual arousal and satisfaction.

It's actually causing some controversy because

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Food For A Lover's Libido

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Food has more of an affect on your body than how skinny you are! Did U know that some food can actually help your libido?

With the most romantic day of the year just a day away, Margaux J. Rathbun has some nutrition information for all the lovers out there! The nutritional therapy practitioner writes:

Looking to spice things up this Valentine’s Day? In addition to living a healthy, balanced life, there are certain foods that have been known to spice things up in the bedroom!

- Oysters are one of the more well-known foods that serve as an aphrodisiac. They are full of zinc, which can help produce sperm and increase libido in both men and women.

- Honey contains a lot of B vitamins and minerals that aid in getting people aroused.

- Try cooking with basil; it's been said to increase fertility. Make homemade pesto spreads with garlic, another aphrodisiac, and add it to pasta or use it on chicken dishes.

- Get things pumping' with ginger. This well-known spice gets the circulatory system flowing. Its spicy flavor is great in salads or even cooked with fish. Ginger also helps with digestion. We all know how un-sexy it is to feel bloated and full.

- Sugar, spice and everything nice? Not when you're cooking with nutmeg! A sprinkle of nutmeg on your dinner, dessert or even your date is sure to raise their body temperature and heat up the evening. Add it to a hot cup of cocoa or coffee for an after-dinner treat and watch the clothes melt off.

- Given the shape, it's not shocking to learn that bananas are said to stimulate the sex drive in men. Besides being loaded with potassium, magnesium and B vitamins, they also contain components that help arouse the boys. Go bananas, ladies!

- Want to put your man in the mood? Serve him wild yams or pumpkin seeds, two foods that have been said to help with get men going.

- Want to attract the ladies? It's been said that the scent of almonds arouses women. Gentlemen, maybe it's time to invest in a nice big bottle of almond oil?

For more HOT nutrition tips, visit Margaux's website Authentic Self Wellness or follow her on Twitter @MargauxRathbun.

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Homophobic Men More Aroused By Gay Porn!


The penis never lies, y'all!

Research has revealed that the more homophobic a man is, the more aroused he feels by images of gay male porn!

According to the study at the University of Georgia, heterosexual men were asked how comfortable they are around gay men. Depending on the scores, the men were divided into two groups: homophobic and not. Then, they were shown three, four-minute porns: one straight, one lesbian, and one gay, with a device attached to their junk that measures PURELY SEXUAL arousal. This is where the results get inneresting.

Apparently, when viewing the lesbian and straight porn, both the homophobic and non-homophobic mean showed arousal. But it was during the gay sex, however, that ONLY the homophobic men got excited!

Ha! Can't say we're too shocked by this!

As this study proves, a little self-loathing can go a long way, and it's just so sad that someone could hate what was inside of them so much that they'd viciously project it onto others more accepting of themselves.

So sad. Fascinating, but sad!

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