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Sean Penn Lights One Up Outside Art Gallery

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sean penn smoking a cig hanging out

Tsk tsk tsk. Sean Penn. What are we going to do with you??

The super talented actor was spotted hanging out with a friend in El Lay… smoking a cigarette!!

He and a buddy were at the Edward Cella Art+Architecture gallery when they stepped outside to grab a smoke.

C'mon, Sean! We know you know that's not good for you!

How many times have we seen him smoke?

Too many is the answer to that question.

We know this is America, and it's his right to do whatever he wants to his own body, but he's got fans.

Maybe even younger ones who might look up to him!

If you're not gonna quit for your sake, at least do it for them!

[Image via AKM-GSI.]

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A Look Into The "Artistic" Mind Of James Franco

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For what feels like forever, James Franco has been kind of…off. Working on projects and saying strange things, all for the sake of his "art."

When kept hearing about his "art," but had no idea what the eff he was talking about.

Until now.

Above are some photos from James' new exhibit, entitled The Dangerous Book Four Boys, at the Clocktower Gallery in Tribeca. The show incorporates sculpture, photography, drawing, film and video all of which centers on "ideas of boyhood and the sexual awakening of the early teenage years."

Uh-huh. Okay. Sounds good, but a few questions, James.

We're pretty positive there is a penis on your nose up there. Are you being clever or are you letting us know this is something you are definitely into?

Also, cute kitty. Is it alive?

And finally, um, WTF??? Is this an episode of Hoarders? This shiz makes ZERO sense! Is this what you have been wasting your life and talent on???

Weird! Just Weird!

What do U think?

[Image via On Location Vacation.]

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