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Cheryl Cole Spent The Night With Her Ex-Husband!

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Oh, no!

You in danger, gurl!

Cheryl Cole has reportedly reconciled with her adultering ex-husband Ashley, and even spent a night with him at the home they shared when they were married before he prepared to go away on vacation!

A source explains:

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Cheryl Cole And Derek Hough Split!

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Cheryl Cole has been reportedly dating Derek Hough since her divorce from husband Ashley last year, and despite sticking together through the singer's HOrrific bout of malaria over the summer, the pair have apparently called it quits!

A source reveals:

'Cheryl told Derek it was over. Breaking up with him was particularly cruel because he stood by her through her divorce last year and her nasty bout of malaria. He can't help feeling that she used him to get publicity in Hollywood. But Cheryl is incredibly ambitious – and gorgeous. I would not be surprised if she winds up with an A-lister, and soon.'

We can't blame him for being hurt!

But he should have known better than date someone on the rebound - those relationships NEVER end well!

Here's hoping you two can work past the pain and still eventually be friends again!

[Image via WENN.]

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Is Chezza Having A Meltdown?

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We certainly hope this isn't true! She's had a tough enough run of things!

Reports are suggesting that Cheryl Cole, who still has yet to hear what kind of position she will have - if any at all - on the American version of The X Factor, is stuck in El Lay awaiting the verdict, and struggling to keep it together away from home!

Insiders even claim that she's resorted to binge-eating and begging her mother Joan to come and stay with her, so she doesn't fall back into old habits and contact her ex-husband Ashley Cole!

They continue:

"Cheryl's in a bad place emotionally at the moment. She feels like the world's against her and nothing's going right. Cheryl, who's been crying herself to sleep, told Joan if she couldn't get there, she'd be forced to call Ashley. What her mom doesn't realize is she's in constant touch with her ex-husband as he's really the only one who seems to understand what she's going through."

Such a tough situation! We're sure that nobody anticipated that this process would become so complicated, but either way - we sincerely hope that she's taking care of herself and making the right choices!

Keep that chin up, gurl!

Things have a funny way or working themselves out sometime, you just have to ride out the storm!

[Image via WENN.]

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Cheryl's Ex, Ashley Cole, Rejects Saturdays Singer Advances!

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Saturdays singer Frankie Sanford was reportedly spotted attempting to cozy up to Cheryl Cole's ex-husband, Ashley, at a club recently, but the footballer apparently refused to acknowledge her come-ons and instead focused on his cell phone!

A source reveals:

"He was with a few of his teammates having a quiet drink in the main room of the club. When Frankie heard he was there she sidled over to him and said hello. After a brief chat she perched on his knee to talk more privately. Eventually Frankie snapped and tried to grab the phone off him before starting to kiss his neck. He just looked slightly bemused and shoved her off to continue his frantic texting."

Ouchie! That has got to sting - especially knowing his 'history' with the ladies!

But she should know have known better to begin with!

Foolish foolish!


[Images via WENN.]

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Cheryl Performs on X Factor And…

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She needs to fire her choreographer ASAP!

The movement - hers and the dancers - was just not as good as it could have been or should have been!

And while she's at it, she should get a new stylist too!

Chezza's performance on X Factor Sunday night left much to be desired, but it wasn't for her lack of trying. We appreciate the mostly live singing and that she went for it with the staging. But it just didn't quite work.

She needs a better team around her to help execute big performances like this!

Check out Cole's performance of Promise This (above).

What did U think????

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Chezza Reveals That Despite The Adultery, She Still Loves Ashley!

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This must have been so hard for her to do.

The generally private Cheryl Tweedy gave a tell-all interview to Piers Morgan on his show, Life Stories, last night, and revealed that despite her messy split with ex-husband Ashley Cole, a part of her will always love him!

She reveals:

"Once we get over this obstacle, I hope we can be friends again. A part of me will always love Ashley. Looking back on it, I feel numb. We had a great marriage and a fantastic wedding day but I don't know where it went wrong. To this day I still question that."

Our heart really goes out to her, especially after the year that she's had.

To be so sick and to have just lost your husband! Unbelievable!

Keep that chin up, bb, and thanks for being brave enough to speak so candidly! We definitely think once the dust settles, you'll be stronger and happier than ever!

[Image via WENN.]

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Ashley Cole Snubbed From Chezza's Autobiography!

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Good! Out of sight, out of mind!

Cheryl Tweedy is set to release an autobiography this week, called Through My Eyes, and although the 253 page book goes into great detail regarding "the best times of [her] life," there is reportedly NO mention of her cheating douchebag of an ex-husband, Ashley Cole!

She instead choses to focus on her relationships with the "passionate to the core" will.i.am, and gay-faced Derek Hough, whom she describes as "the best" and "a sweetheart!"

Smart lady!

No looking back, just keep on moving forward!

[Image via WENN.]

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