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X Factor's Astro Talks Future Plans, Says He's 'Gonna Be Worldwide!'

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x factors astro talks future plans

We're glad to see he's keeping a cocky positive attitude!

Last we heard from X Factor's Astro, he was admitting that he is ignorant and has more to learn…but he also made it clear that he's going to keep on coming up with original material every day.

Now, Astro has opened up further about his future plans, and he's had the following to say about them:

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Astro Eats Some Humble Pie, Admits He's "Ignorant"

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Sure, he apologized, but now X Factor's Astro admits that he's "ignorant" too.

The 15-year-old rapper who was booted off the singing competition show was called out for having a bad attitude with judges earlier in the season.

And now it looks like he knows he was a damn fool wrong.

Eatin' some humble pie, Astro says:

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Astro Raps Like A Little Jay Z With Show Me What You Got!

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Wow! He came back with power! He came back with all he had! We love it!

Astro had some major attitude problems last week, pulling a quitter 'tude and giving lip on national television.

He even pulled a major foul when he disobeyed producers by wearing Beats headphones on stage (X Factor endorses Sony).

But he's apologized and this performance reminds us why we've loved him from day one!

The fifteen year old was wild with Show Me What You Got! A-mazing.

We're not sure if he's the X Factor winner, but we do know he's extremely talented. There's no denying that!

What do U guys think?? Will his talent take him to the top??

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Astro Apologizes For Cocky X Factor Actions

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Last week, Astro displayed very poor behavior on the stage of X Factor. When he was put in the bottom two, he gave some major 'tude and it didn't sit well.

Stacy Francis ended up being the one to go (bout time), but Astro was still left with a lot of explaining to do.

We even got the EXCLUSIVE word that he blatantly disobeys producers' rules on the show! SMH!

But we're guessing Astro is finally realizing the effect of his actions, because he went to his Facebook to make an apology:

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Uh-oh! Shiz is about to get real on next week's X Factor!

With Stacy Francis eliminated, the top nine final contestants will soon be down to SEVEN, because on Wednesday night, there will be double elimination!

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Why Were Astro's Headphones Such A Big Deal On X Factor?


And now it all makes sense!

Actually, it makes what this kid did even MORE effed up!

We reported yesterday EXCLUSIVELY on PerezHilton.com that Astro had caused quite a bit of problems on X Factor this week when he not only acted like a petulant child and refused to perform after being knocked to the bottom two and facing elimination, but also outright disregarded producers when he went on-stage wearing Dr. Dre's Beats headphones around his neck, which the reality competition does not have the right to air due to licensing, and are now probably facing one hell of a fine!

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EXCLUSIVE! The X Factor's Astro Breaks The Rules BIG TIME!

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And no one is happy with him. No one.

A kid like Astro … he's got a lot of talent, but it sounds like he still has a lot of growing up to do. After he pulled some major tude last night when he fell into the bottom two, we got sent a story about his blatant disregard for the rules of the show and how the producers are NOT happy with him.

A source reports to PerezHilton.com EXCLUSIVELY that Astro consciously ignored the show's people when they told him he couldn't wear a pair of Dr Dre's Beats headphones around his neck during his performance this week. For whatever the reason - licensing, no affiliation wit Dr. Dre, etc. - the producers warned him not to disobey them, that it would cost them a lot of time and money if he did.

Yet he did it anyways!

As you can see in the video (above), because they didn't have the rights to the headphones, they had to blurred out. However, they were only able to do that AFTER the fact, since the show went up live. Who knows the repercussions they face from Dre. and his brand people now.

Show insiders add he's been VERY difficult to deal with the last couple of weeks, showing a lack of respect for staff and the rules.

Not cool little dude. You are NOT a star yet and these kind of antics will ensure that you never become one.

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