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SuBo Was Auto-Tuned Too!!!


Uh, oh!

Reports claim that Susan Boyle's famous audition for Britain's Got Talent was digitally enhanced with Auto-Tune according to an anonymous source from the production team!

First the X Factor scandal and now this?!

Could Simon Cowell's credibility be shot?

What do U think?

[Image via WENN.]

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Another X Factor Scandal!!!

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The season is only one episode in and already it has MAJOR drama!!!!

The heels of the autotune controversy, X Factor bosses are debating losing one of their star contestants after they've learned that she already has a recording contract in the US. Apparently, contestant Katie Waissel never told producers about her two-record deal on a jazz label state side.

We think that's grounds for the axe! Fair is fair!

While fans wait to see Katie's fate, news came straight from Simon Cowell that "performance-enhancing software" (aka autotune) will now be banned from all edited pre-recorded auditions. Obviously, Simon is trying to preserve the show's reputation so that it has a more seamless transition in 2011 to the USA.

And we agree! Say no to autotune! These people are singing for their futures! Let their talent stand on its own!

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Antoine Dodson Profiting From Mockery

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We all thought we were pretty funny making fun of Antoine Dodson, didn’t we? Hell, we did it ourselves with the Steven Slater Vs. Antoine Dodson video posted above!

Well the joke’s on us! Dodson no longer has to worry about hiding family members because he’s using his newfound fame to get him and his family out of the ghetto.

Here’s the original statement that made Dodson famous:

“Obviously, we have a rapist in Lincoln Park. He’s climbing in your windows. He’s snatching your people up, trying to rape ‘em. So you all need to hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cause they’re rapin’ errybody out here.”

These immortal words have been remixed, auto-tuned, and put into print all over the Internet, and Dodson is cashing in. He now has a blog, Twitter, and Facebook with thousands of followers, and he’s profiting from downloads of the Bed Intruder Song on Itunes.

He’s created a website with a merchandise section, and he’s got a telephone line in the works, which will be created as a support line for victims of sexual violence, and their families. We find it hard to believe that it won’t be severely abused, but it’s a nice thought.

Innerestingly enough, Dodson has had positive things to say about the Bed Intruder Song video:

“Us hearing that video, it gave us some type of happiness. It gave us some type of comfort … it was really cool to hear our voice on the track.”

So, Antoine Dodson feels good about the video AND he’s making money AND he’s found a way to get his family out of harm’s way. Bravo, Antoine! Bravo!

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Elegance Is Learned!


Kim Zolciak is NOT going to be happy!

Just listen to the GROUNDBREAKING new single from The Real Housewives of NYC's very own Countess LuAnn, called Money Can't Buy You ClASS!

It's as if Auto Tune became a cognizant, free-thinking entity and unleashed on this track!

Check out the song below.


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