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Rebecca Black Debuts Person Of Interest Music Video! With A Very Special 'Acoustic' Performance!

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Ask and you shall receive!

Yesterday, we shared with you the latest single from the Internet's Rebecca Black, Person Of Former Interest, and today, be pleased to know that its official music video HAS ARRIVED!

Of course, you may want to consider this a special, ahem, 'acoustic' version of the track!

Just, uh…see for yourself (above)!

We wonder what will come afterwards!

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Want To Hear Brit Brit's Hold It Against Me Without Auto-Tune?!

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Britney Spears has never been known best for abilities as a singer, but it's easy to forget that although the pop star's range may not be as powerful as some of her peers, she actually has a LOVELY voice, which you can hear for yourself in the just-released, auto-tune free version of her debut single from Femme Fatale, Hold It Against Me!

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

Nice, gurl! It's amazing how different the vocals are without any processing!

It really makes the tone of the track entirely different!

We know that a lot of the material on the latest album was supposed to sound overly distorted for aesthetic purposes, but if this is how she still sounds clean, then we hope on her next project she really shows off her voice again!

Well done, gurl!

What do U think?? Which version of Hold It Against Me do U like better?

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Sing It, Rebecca Black Katy Perry!

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With the world in a tizzy over the royal wedding, we almost forgot what day it was…


And you know, you gotta get down on Friday!

Rather than jam out to Rebecca Black's version (we'll save that for later), we thought you'd like to hear Katy Perry's acoustic cover from her show in Melbourne last night!

Ch-ch-check it out (above), though we'll admit, it loses its power when it isn't riddled with autotune.


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The Gay Housewives' Reichen Wants To Be Kim Zolciak!

Wow. We really thought we'd heard it all.

Guess not!

Now that Kim Zolciak, Countess LuAnn, and Danielle Staub have paved the way for all tone-deaf Housewives to drop their own special odes to auto-tune singles, it was only a matter of time before one of the Gay Housewives (proper name: castmembers of The A-List) to follow suit!

And this one takes the cringe-worthy cake!

Check out Reichen Lehmkuhl's truly remarkable vocal-stylingz (above)!

Yeah. That actually happened.


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Ke$ha Gets Literal!

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She's got a "Jesus" on her necklace. They rip her stockings. And she throws glitter in the air.


Check out her performance of We R Who We R on Australia's Sunrise show (above)!

P.S. Those soldiers are very Alejandro-inspired, no???


Quote Of The Day

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"Only two of my four singles have Auto-Tune. I think it's a problem only if used as a crutch. If used tastefully, then it's really cool. It's the ear candy of the future."

- Jason DeRulo on Auto-une

[Image via WENN.]

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Jason DeRulo On Auto-TuneJason DeRulo On Auto-TuneJason DeRulo On Auto-TuneJason DeRulo On Auto-TuneJason DeRulo On Auto-Tune

Courtney Love Butchers GaGa's Bad Romance

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Courtney Love singing Bad Romance @ Givenchy party, Paris from icanteachyouhowtodoit on Vimeo.

Can we just make a rule that no one is allowed to sing this song unless they have GaGa in their name or they are accompanied with enough autotune to drown out the suck? Huh?!

Courtney Love decided to torture surprise a crowd in Paris by pulling out her own version of Bad Romance.

Let's just call it "Bad Performance" and file it away with the others! Yuck!

If you dare, ch-ch-check it out! (above)

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