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NEW Guns N' Roses Album On The Way!

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Axl Rose want it

Guns N' Roses fans may not have to wait another 15 years for a new album.

In fact, according to the groups guitarist, Axl Rose already has "three albums worth of stuff recorded."

The group has vowed to put out another album out sooner than later after their last release dropped in 2008 and it sounds like they will stick to that promise.

Guitarist DJ Ashba recently praised Axl during an Australian radio station interview, saying:

"(Rose) has a lot of great songs up his sleeve. He probably has three albums worth of stuff recorded. He just sits down at the piano and plays. I'm like, 'This is amazing. People have to hear this song.' And he's like, 'Ah, this is something I'm tinkering on'. He's just a genius when it comes down to music and I just cannot wait to sit down with an acoustic guitar and just write. He's just got this gift that's very, very rare."

That is impressive!

We're crossing our fingers we get to hear at least ONE of those albums in the near future.

Are U pumped for a new Guns N' Roses album?

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Tom Cruise Continues To Prep Hard For Rock Of Ages, Hires Axl Rose's Voice Coach

tom cruise gets voice lessons from axl roses voice coach

Tom really means business.

Back in February, we heard that Rock of Ages director Adam Shankman was very pleased with Tom Cruise for all his hard work preparing for his lead role in the rock'n'roll musical film.

Looks like Cruise continues to take this project VERY seriously, as he's hired Axl Roses's voice coach to help him get ready for his role.

Here's what Shankman had to say about it:

“He’s been studying with Axl Rose’s voice teacher, like, five hours a day. The prognosis is more than excellent. The voice lesson where he opened up and suddenly let loose… was really great."

Who knows? Maybe Tom will absolutely KILL IT with Rock of Ages, and he'll start getting all musical roles from here on out.

If Axl Rose's voice coach does his job, they MIGHT have to find somebody else for Mission: Impossible 5 - ANOTHER Ghost Protocol.


Do U think Tom Cruise's voice lessons will pay off?

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There Will Be No Guns N' Roses On Glee

Filed under: Music MinuteGlee


Slash just isn't a fan.

Though many aritsts are lining up around the block to get their music covered on the hit FOX T.V. show, former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash has revealed he and frontman Axl Rose were approached by the show's producers personally to get a song of theirs on Glee. The boys turned them down. Slash explains:

"In the current climate of what’s going on in entertainment these days, I try to be more optimistic than negative because it’s really easy to get negative about it, but I draw the line at Glee. Glee is worse than Grease and Grease is bad enough… When Grease came out, I was like, 'Oh c’mon, give me a break.' Actually, I look at Grease now and think, 'Between High School Musical and Glee, Grease was a brilliant work of art.'"

First of all, Grease was a brilliant work of art!

Second, yeah, the show's not for everybody. We could see how Slash could take issue with the music makers behind the show reworking his artistic expression to fit their own musical mold.

But in the end, he's the one who is missing out. Just ask any of the other artists the show has covered and they'll tell you - it's pretty sweet to watch your music rise in the charts right along side theirs.

To each their own!

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Axl Rose Suing Guitar Hero!

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The makers of Guitar Hero find themselves looking down the barrel of a hefty lawsuit as Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose is reportedly suing them for a megaload!

According to sources who have obtain legal documentation, Axl is suing Activision Blizzard Inc for over $20 million dollars for fraud, breach of contract and unjust enrichment, among others claims. Axl claims that he was never asked permission to use Welcome To The Jungle as part of Guitar Hero III and as he is the majority owner of the trademarks and licensing associated with the band, he wants his $$$.

Can't say we blame. Can't say we believe him that he wasn't asked either. Don't think a major corporation like that would make such a big boo-boo!

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Guns N' Roses Planning New Album

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more guns n roses on the way

This isn't our cup of tea, but here's some exciting news for Guns N' Roses fans out there.

GNR guitarist DJ Ashba has announced that the band is planning their next studio album.

Here's what Ashba had to say about it:

"We're talking about that right now. We've been throwing around a bunch of ideas and it should be good. We've got a lot of good stuff on the plate coming out… It won't take as long, I promise!"

More from Ashba:

"I'm excited to get this next one rolling. Lot of great s**t - Axl [Rose] has a lot of good s**t up his sleeve - so I'm really excited about it."

Should be inneresting to see if the guys can pull this album together without all types of drama and delays.

We won't hold our breath.

Are U excited for more Guns N' Roses? Or do U think it's enough?

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Axl Rose Vs. $192,000 Bentley

Filed under: Oops!Legal Matters

axl rose accused of ruining expensive leased bentley

Spoiler Alert: The Bentley loses.

Axl Rose is being accused of ruining a $192,000 Bentley.

Looks like he leased the car through Bentley Financial Services in 2005, but defaulted on nearly $74,000 in payments and fees.

According to Bentley, Axl returned the car with quite the damage report, including….

-Cracked windshield

-2 damaged tires

-Broken glass on left rear tail light

-2 dented doors

-Gouged bumper

Axl is also being accused of returning the car with a "mismatched spare key," a "broken remote key", AND they're saying he's 42,397 miles over his limit.

Bentley wants the nearly $74,000 in payments and fees that they feel Axl owes them.

What do U think about this? Is Bentley being reasonable? Does Axl have anything going for him in his defense?

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GNR Fans Get Screwed Out Of Ticket Refunds

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It must be really difficult to be a Guns 'N Roses fan.

The band has notoriously showed up late, walked off stage, and have caused riots at all of their recent shows, including last week's Dublin show where the band performed on stage for only 20 minutes.

Axl Rose and his fellow bandmates kept concertgoers waiting for over an hour, which later resulted in boos and bottle-throwing from their audience.

Acting like the big babies they are, GNR walked off stage. And now concert promoters refuse to give fans their refunds because he says that the band came back on stage an hour later and finished their set.

The problem is, most fans thought the show was over and left the venue. And with ticket prices these days, you know that shizzz ain't cheap!

UGH! Sorry, GNR fans! It's time to move on to another group of has-beens!

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