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Barbara And Bristol Talk Sex! And Yes, It's Just As Uncomfy As You Think It Will Be!

Oh man. This is almost as awkward as Kathy Griffin's "Astroglide" encounter with her!

Bristol Palin made an appearance on The View this morning to discuss her new book, blah blah blah, and as you can see for yourself, it appears that Miz Barbara Walters could not stop asking the reality starlet/teen mom about her sex life with Levi Johnston!

Check out the cringe-worthy interview (above)!

Gah! It's like your grandmother trying to give you the abstinence talk!

This almost makes us feel bad for Bristol!

But then again, she loves talking about getting sperminated, and she handles herself in this interview better than her mother has in any EVER, so at least she's got THAT going for her! Ha!

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Barbra Streisand Goes Off On The Normal Heart Playwright Over Long-Delayed Film Adaptation!


Such a shame that it's come to down to this when we think it's safe to say that everyone here probably had the best intentions!

Barbra Streisand was long attached to direct a film adaptation of the play The Normal Heart, written by Larry Kramer; however, the project never seemed to get off the ground, and Kramer frquently claimed that this was due to the icon having rewritten the script to expand the character of Dr. Emma Brookner so she could then star in it!

However, Streisand has taken to her blog to set the record straight about the mess, and goes into pretty specific detail about what ultimately caused her to abandon the project!

She writes:

I’ve endured Larry Kramer’s outbursts in the past, not wishing to dignify them with a response. But at a time when we are all pulling together to achieve such giant steps toward gay equality, it is anguishing to me to have my devotion to this cause so distorted. I think my efforts for the gay community and my immersion in securing its constitutional entitlement and other equitable rights is quite evident and a matter of record.

During the time we were trying to move The Normal Heart forward, my production company, Barwood Films, made the TV films Serving In Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story—which brought home to millions of Americans the painful truth about the disparate treatment of gays in the military, and What Makes A Family?—about gay adoption. Perhaps it’s time for me to disclose why my earnest and passionate efforts to direct The Normal Heart as a film were frustrated.

When I saw the play in 1985 I was very moved and immediately contacted Larry to acquire the rights. I worked for ten years, without pay, trying to get it made. After going through several drafts with Larry, I hired a writer to develop a screenplay that was faithful to Larry’s play, adapting it to make it more cinematic. But Larry refused to accept any revisions and insisted we use his screenplay. I couldn’t get any studio to commit to his version. Many fine actors were ready to commit to our version, but Larry would not allow it.

When Larry now says I rewrote the script in order to make the woman doctor the star, marginalizing the gay characters, he is rewriting history. My objective was not to be in this movie. I only wanted to direct it and I was willing to play the doctor only if that would help get it made.

Eventually, when it became clear that we couldn’t raise the money to do it as a film, I thought, all right, we’ll do it on TV. At least it would reach a wide audience. But even HBO would only pay Larry $250,000 for the rights, and he would not let it go forward for anything less than $1,000,000. No studio was willing to move on it, considering the controversial subject matter and the burden of that cost.

After ten years, the rights reverted back to Larry. But even when I had no contractual involvement, I still persisted in pressing to get The Normal Heart made, purely because I believed in the project. As my producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron can confirm, I thought that if we could get a great cast together, maybe a studio would finally finance it and we could persuade Larry to let us do it. I offered the part of the doctor to Julia Roberts because I thought she would be terrific, and when she turned us down, we approached another actress. I also asked Mark Ruffalo and Bradley Cooper to be in it, and Bradley Cooper immediately said yes to my version of the screenplay. By the way, this is not to say that it wouldn’t have been rewritten again. The work is never done until the movie is released.

I think it’s unfair to blame me for the movie not getting made. After all, Larry has had the rights for the last 15 years and he couldn’t get it made, either. Those are the facts, and none of this is news to Larry.

More recently, he sent me a note before giving the project to another director, asking me again if I wanted to direct it—but only with his screenplay. As a filmmaker, I couldn’t have my hands tied like that. What if I needed to make changes? What if I needed to have something rewritten? Sadly, I turned his offer down and wished him well.

It’s been very hard for me to find a piece that I feel as passionate about. I will always believe in Larry’s play and its powerful theme about everyone’s right to love.


Given the amount of detail she goes into and how genuinely upset she seems about the way this whole situation has been handled, we can't help but assume that she's being 100% sincere here!

Which is ultimately just a shame, especially because they clearly are both so passionate about the piece!

Here's hoping that The Normal Heart will eventually make it to the big screen, and be everything that both Babs and Larry wanted it to be!

[Image via WENN.]

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GaGa vs. Madonna & Babs

And the winners are…GaGa, Madonna, AND Babs, obvi!

Check out the video (above) that showcases our three fave divas taking charge during 60 Minutes interviews.

We see nothing wrong with their behavior at all! If a chair isn't working out, or if lights are in the wrong place then it's important to take charge, right ladies???


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Babs Takes Back Her Glee Diss!

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Sounds like someone is regretting her choice of words!

Barbra Streisand says she didn't mean to diss Glee and misspoke when she said she would never appear on the hit show.

After being asked about whether or not she'd consider doing the show, Babs replied, "Not if I can help it."

Whomp whomp!

She's doing a little damage control now, saying:

"When asked if I would ever appear on Glee, I should have said, 'You never know.' It was wrong to say, 'Not if I can help it.'

What I meant was that I’ve been overwhelmed preparing for my performance on MusiCares, the Grammys, recording a new album, and starting a new movie. So I couldn’t take on any more work, and besides that, I wasn’t asked."

Nice save, Babs!

Let's hope that one magical day you will appear on the show…and duet with Princess Lea, please!

[Image via WENN.]

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Streisand Disses Glee!

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Don't count on Barbra Streisand to appear on Glee!

When asked if she would ever consider doing the show at Friday night's MusiCares event where she was honored, Babs replied:

"Not if I can help it."


She added, "I have seen some of the episodes. My niece, my young niece saw Funny Girl on DVD and said, 'How come you're singing so many songs from Glee?'"

LOLz! Oh dear.

We bet this doesn't make Lea Michele too happy, who has said in the past that Babs is her idol. Although…Barbra did say that "she's pretty good." That's gotta be something, right?

What do U think of Barbra's response to appearing on Glee??

[Image via WENN.]

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Streisand Chats About Playing Mama Rose In Gypsy!


We can't express enough how much we love that this is happening. Nothing is giving us greater joy than knowing that in the not so distant future, we're going to see Barbra Streisand belt out Rose's Turn!

When the news broke last month that Babs was going to star in the new version of Gypsy as Mama Rose, we just about fainted and we've been waiting to hear from her what she thinks about the opportunity. As she will be honored this Friday by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences foundation for her tremendous contribution to the arts, Barbra briefly took a moment to talk about Gypsy.

She revealed to sources that the news of the film leaked "a little early, because the deal wasn't finished," but she confirmed she will be playing Mama Rose. However, she added that she might not be directing the film as it was once discussed because that might be "too much" for her. Still, she is excited to step into the iconic role, which she likens to a "bookend starting with 'Funny Girl.'"

Beautifully said! We loved you then, as we love you now and we're sure to love you still when you step into this role!

[Image via WENN.]

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Barbra Streisand Has A Mall In Her Basement

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When you have as much money as Barbra Streisand, you can do shiz like this.

To hype up the release of her new book My Passion For Design,Babs invited Harper's Bazaar into her basement that she transformed into a mall.


The "mall" is designed to look like a cobblestone street in New England complete with individual storefronts.

For example, The Antique Clothes Shoppe houses some of Barbra's most memorable outfits she's worn to events, awards and in movies. There's also a room dedicated to all her numerous awards.

Sounds pretty cool.

We can't wait to see pictures!

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