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Celebs With Tattoos In Different Languages!

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We're not saying getting something permanent on your body in a different language is a bad idea… but it kind of is.

Sometimes you're stuck with a tattoo thats basically misspelled in another language!

Take Hayden Panettiere for example.

The actress got a tattoo on her back in Italian that's supposed to translate to, "To live without regrets."

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However, unfortunately for her, the ink artist that worked on it misspelled the last word.

Yikes! Some other celebs were luckier… we think??

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebs With Tattoos In Different Languages!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebs With Tattoos In Different Languages!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebs With Tattoos In Different Languages!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebs With Tattoos In Different Languages!"

CLICK HERE to view the gallery, "Celebs With Tattoos In Different Languages!"

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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Fox: You'll Be Able To Watch An O.J. Simpson Trial Miniseries Soon

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oj simpson miniseries fox trial awful bad idea boring

The one thing we've been clamoring for over the past decade is a miniseries about the O.J. Simpson murder trial!

Just kidding, we've never wanted that — the original trial was such a spectacle with such a monumental let down of an ending that we would never really want to subject ourselves to that again… no matter which side of the verdict the movie is going to push!

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Dude Building Titanic 2 Confused Why People Think It's A Bad Idea!

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titanic 2 bad idea tribute ship replica authentic

We can think of 1,502 reasons as to why building a close replica and naming a ship the Titanic 2 is a bad idea — and not just in bad taste.

Those lives lost deserve much more than a gimmick boat named after the poorly planned ship that killed them!

Clive Palmer, the guy building the thing, disagrees and says the replica will look and feel just like the original Titanic… out of respect! Here's what he says:

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Rihanna Makes Her Love For Chris Brown PERMANENT!

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Or at least the ink REPRESENTING her love for him is permanent!

That's right, because posting pictures of themselves together via Twitter wasn't enough of an announcement to the world that Chris Brown and Rihanna were together again in a relationship, the self-proclaimed Whitney Houston of our generation has apparently gone one step further by tattooing her very own Bobby Brown's NAME onto her body!

According to reports, the pop singer paid tribute to the man who beat her senseless a few years ago by getting his nickname, Breezy, etched somewhere on her skin just a few short days ago!

Sources explain:

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Lindsay Lohan Has Got Jennifer Lawrence On Her Radar!


Attention Jennifer Lawrence and Oliver Stone: Lindsay Lohan is coming for you!

That's right, the actress apparently took time away from shooting The Canyons with porn star James Deen to catch up on some flicks she's apparently missed, and after watching The Hunger Games, decided that she

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Casting Notice Goes Up For Real Housewives Of Malibu!

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Seriously?! We thought that they were done expanding this franchise!

Apparently, another casting notice has gone out for an ADDITIONAL group of Real Housewives - this time in the Malibu area!

It reads:

Producers of a ‘Malibu Housewives’ show are looking for Malibu women to join the cast. An ultra stylish docu-soap that follows the privileged lives of Malibu’s high society women and their families. Do you have a glamorous Malibu lifestyle? Are you a regular on the guest list for Malibu’s most exclusive social events? A high rolling social butterfly juggling the ups and downs of family life along with a high-powered career and a social calendar to die for? If you are living the “way of life” that is Malibu we want to hear from you… All family types will be considered but most important we’re looking for dynamic Malibu women with an abundance of personality and style!

VIDEO AUDITION REQUIRED: Must include an introduction of yourself and family. Tell us why you’re interesting and complex and worth exploring further. Have fun with it, tell us about your life, your business and how you spend your leisure time. Show us your personality, give us a tour of your home/homes. Also, include charitable or philanthropic work you may be involved in.


SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: Upload your video to a private page on youtube or vimeo and email a link to the video along with your personal information requested below to: casting@ambitiousfilms.com

1. Name
2. Contact information (phone, e-mail)
3. Occupation
4. Photo of yourself
5. A brief description of yourself
6. Link to casting video

NOTE FROM PRODUCERS: Once all video submissions are viewed the finalists will be chosen and calls/emails will go out to our 6 lucky ladies on their way to becoming Malibu’s next reality stars, good luck ladies.


Whether this be an actual official Real Housewives show, or just a cheap knock-off for another network…no and NO!

There doesn't need to ANOTHER group of women from this area fighting with one another! Orange County and Beverly Hills are more than enough, thank you very much!

What do U think?? Would U be interested in the Real Housewives of Malibu??

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Flavor Flav Being Sued For A Buck, Buck Over Chicken Restaurant


This was such a bad idea - a bad idea right from the very start. He's sorely regretting getting involved now!

Tommy Karas, Flavor Flav's former business partner, is in the process of taking legal action against the rapper/reality star for allegedly swindling him out of a $30,000 check.

Tommy claims the pair were supposed to be partners in getting Flav's Las Vegas fried chicken project off the ground. He insists that they decided Tommy would handle the money for the deal and would be the go-to man for investors. However, according to the police report filed against Flav by Tommy, Flav went behind Tommy's back and got a group of investors to send him a $30,000 investment, cutting Tommy out of the deal altogether.

How rude!

Unfortunately for Tommy, though he filed a report with the Las Vegas Metro PD, the cops aren't taking any action. They consider it a "civil matter" and suggested Tommy confer with a lawyer.

And that's exactly what he is doing - right now!

Watch your bling, Flav! Sounds like Tommy is out to get you! Hell hath no fury like a man stabbed in the back by a man with gold teeth.

[Image via WENN.]

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