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Two Thumbs Way Down For Katie Holmes, Critics Aren't Impressed With Kennedys Role

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To her credit, it was a big pillbox hat to fill and six years on the Creek really didn't prepare her for a career of anything more than cable sitcoms and Lifetime movies such a big role.

This weekend, the long-awaited, highly-controversial mini-series The Kennedys will finally premiere on the Reelz Channel, but from what we are hearing for critics, Katie should've wished that this thing stayed buried. As you might've guessed, she isn't getting the best reviews for her role as Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy, though we'll admit, no one was as harsh as we thought they would be.

Like the Hollywood Reporter. Their critic wrote that the mini-series on the whole was "dull" and "unwatchable", along with saying it was very hard to step away from the fact that you were watching Katie Holmes play a character. He wrote:

"You think, 'That’s Katie Holmes.' Or, 'That’s Katie Holmes having the damndest time with Jackie’s accent.' You are never transported somewhere else by the character because the real-life subjects are so distinctive in your mind."

The Jackie O accent was a big problem for a lot of other critics, like CBS' Early Show, who pointed out that Katie "doesn't really have the gravitas to pull off the role…And the accent, it's a little silly — for eight hours, it's a long time to be, you know, watching her play this character in the way that she does."

Variety added that Katie very much "looked the part," but conceeded that "that's about all" she brought to the movie.

Whomp, whomp. Well, if nothing else, it was an experience, Katie. You got to where iconic clothes and look like the most iconic First Lady in living memory. Perhaps, however, its time to reevaluate your career choices. Let's see how you do with Jack and Jill and then maybe consider a more comedy-esque career, huh?

[Image via AP Images.]

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Have You Seen The Video For Rebecca Black's Friday?

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Check out the video above for Rebecca Black's song Friday and remember what it's like to be just so jazzed about the weekend that you can't calm yourself down to choose a seat in the car!

We… well, we can't really figure out why this was trending on Twitter and how it landed SO many views.

Maybe we can. It IS pretty HIGHlariously not good.

It's too bad, too. Rebecca looks like such a sweet girl!

But this is what happens when you just start singing about the fact that because Saturday comes first, Sunday comes afterwards.

If this was a parody of what teen-girl-pop is sometimes like, we'd get behind it in every way, but sadly it doesn't seem like that's the case.

Rebecca, don't let the bad reviews get to you too much! Find a way to keep doing what you love and most importantly just HAVE FUN!

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Robin Hood Politically Incorrect?

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Uh-oh! Universal may have made a $225 million boo-boo.

Yesterday, Russell Crowe's newest flick, Robin Hood, hit the Cannes Film Festival. As one of the opening films, the studio was ready to welcome a warm reception from the media and glowing reviews from attendees.

Yeah, not so much, at least not from the press overseas.

While domestically the film will probably do fairly well, across the pond there are those who are majorly pissed. Sources say that members of the French media were simply outraged and almost hostile after seeing how Ridley Scott portrayed their people. Apparently, at best, the French characters could be called "Gallic Keystone Kops."

That's really bad. Only frat boys and homeless people drink Keystone!

Then there was the London press, which not only called the film “horribly long … serious to a fault … a dull movie of the kind that doesn’t pay emotional dividends,” but also took a shot at Russell's acting chops saying, “Playing Robin with all the mumbling machismo he can muster, there are times when watching him is as fun as a visit from the tax inspector."

Ouch! That one's gotta sting!

There is a lot of money riding on this thing, so Universal better hope America steps it up on the flick's opening weekend and that French & English people don't read the papers.

Otherwise someone is in BIG trouble!

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Shrek Not Getting Good Reviews!

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The first review for the 4th and hopefully final installment of Shrek has come in and it's just like the main character, not pretty!

The Hollywood Reporter says while there were moments of hilarity, Shrek Forever After definitely has a "been there, done that" feeling.

Of course it does! It's the 4th film!!!

But despite the bad review, we have a feeling the ogre will still rake in the ca$$$h at the box office.

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Shocker!! Sarah Palin's Alaska SUCKS!!

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Sorry, Sexy Sarah!

No matter what the exciting new venture is that you take on, you still SUCK!

Bwa ha ha.

Discovery Channel premiered the wannabe vice presidential candidate's new reality series, Sarah Palin's Alaska, at a sales conference for ad buyers last week, and insiders have revealed that it's an absolute DISASTER!

The source says:

"The whole thing [was] comical. When the promo was over, people (employees and buyers) were rolling their eyes, snickering, and even laughing. People were laughing and it's not even a comedy. No one took it seriously. Bottom line everyone thought it was a new all time low for Discovery. My guess is the show is going to tank big time."

Ouch! Aw gee!

Discovery probably wishes that they didn't dish out $2 million to that hack before the reviews were in!

Everything she touches turns to FAIL! Love it!

[Image via WENN.]

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Whitney BOOED In The UK!


Whitney, you need to get it together, girl!!

The troubled singer, who has been delaying the European leg of Nothing But Love tour due to god knows what illness, finally debuted in Birmingham last night. Unfortunately, the consensus on her performance is less than stellar.

Houston apparently appeared breathless and out of sorts, and had to break up her sets with lengthy breaks to give her enough time to collect herself before songs!

She even left the stage for 15 minutes while a video of One Moment In Time played in her absence, which reportedly prompted BOOS from the audience!


The BBC's Colin Paterson said:

"Those going to see Whitney tonight in Nottingham will hope things are alright. If they are even OK, it will be an improvement on last night."

We sincerely hope that she is still on the mend from whatever the eff was wrong with her in Paris, but at this point it's hard to be anything other than skeptical of her ability to really be great like she used to.

So sad.


[Image via Robert Wallace/WENN.]

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Miley's Performance In The Last Song Massacred By Critics!


Ouch ouch ouch!

You might be better off sticking to getting tattoos, humping Aussies and pole-dancing singing, Miley!

The reviews are in for the tweener's latest film, The Last Song, and to call them scathing would be the understatement of the year!

Girlfriend gets TORN TO SHREDS!

A critic for The New York Times says:

"Acting, for the moment at least, seems almost entirely beyond her…she pouts, slouches, storms in and out of rooms and occasionally cracks a snaggle-toothed smile, but most of the time she seems to be mugging for the camera, play-acting rather than exploring the motives and feelings of her character."

And that's kind, compared to The New York Post:

"Cyrus makes the most dubious 'dramatic' debut of any singer since Britney Spears."

And The Village Voice gets the nastiest dig in with:

"I can't recall ever squirming as much as I did during Ronnie and Will’s first kiss; shiny, buff Liam Hemsworth looks like he's locking lips with an Andy Hardy–era Mickey Rooney in a wig."

We'll spare you the rest of the verbal massacre, but rest assured, The Boston Globe, Miami Herald, and Variety weren't any kinder.

WOW. We almost feel sorry for Miley. Almost.

Especially seeing as producers essentially had author Nicholas Sparks write the screenplay and its novelization as a starring vehicle for her!

Acting without a long blonde wig and juvenile quips is HARD, isn't it??

Better give that drama coach a call, bb!!

Sounds like you are in serious need of one!

[Image via WENN.]

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