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Teen Dumps Her Teacher Boyfriend Because He Seduced Another Student

Thank gawwwd! She has FINALLY come to her senses!

Jordan Powers, the 18-year-old high school student who quit school to move in with her former teacher, says the relationship is o-ver!

Jordan and her 41-year-old ex-boyfriend and ex-teacher, James Hooker, met when she was just 14-years-old.

The two claim that "nothing happened" (sexually) before she turned 18, but as soon as she did Jordan quit school and moved into an apartment with him.

Powers and Hooker lived happily together for one month — until Friday when he was arrested and charged with oral copulation of a minor, a minor that was NOT her!!

Jordan says this revolution has caused her to see Hooker for what he really is: a sexual predator. She says:

"He called me from jail and, yes, I told him that we’re done. I lost everything for this guy. I lost my senior year. I gave up all my friends at high school because they didn't agree with me."

We are sad that she missed out on her senior year — but SO happy to hear she is out of whatever gross-pervy spell he put her under!

It is INCREDIBLY sad that so many young girls don't realize they're being victimized by a sexual predator until they see it happen to another girl. (Like, in the case of this NASTYASS middle school coach.)

Any adult man that uses his experience to seduce a venerable clueless teen is NOT A MAN at all!!!

Watch the video (above) to get all the deets Jordan's new found freedom!

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Deplorable Teacher Tells African-American Student To Read 'Blacker'

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What? What? Whaaaaaaat?

A high school English teacher in Virginia is under investigation for telling the only African-American student in her class to read a Langston Hughes poem 'Blacker."

AND, it gets worse!

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Teacher Charged With Having Sex With A Student, Repeatedly

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Teacher Charged With Having Sex With A Student, Repeatedly

This Pennsylvania high school teacher taught more than reading!

Rachel Farrell (25) is alleged to have carried out an extended affair with an 11th grade student. This isn't a big romantic Mary Kay LeTourneau type thing, cause she is thought to have sexed up at least three other lucky 17-year-old students!

She has only been charged with playing teacher 'corrupting' just one minor. Police say they'd like to get her on the other counts, but can't "for reasons of lack of cooperation from the alleged victims." We're guessing the other boys don't want to mess up a good thing.

The sad part is, Ms. Farrell wasn't a lonely woman! She had been married less than a year before she started having sex with a student at "numerous times at many different locations' such as secluded parking spots." Yeah, she nasty ;)

Now she's lost her jobs and go to jail for a while.

Police say this whole relationship may not have happened if it wasn't for Facebook. Evil, evil Facebook.

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Bad Teacher Forges Jury Duty Notices To Get Paid Vacation!

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She gets points for creativity, but marks off for spelling!

Mona Lisa (the NYC teacher, not the painting) got 15 days of paid vacation by pretending to be at jury duty!

Her cleaver scheme was busted because of a dumb mistake. The fake jury duty notices she showed her principal was riddled with spelling mistakes.

We hope she enjoys early retirement!

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Timberlake Is Calling You Out, Regis!

And Regis … well, he just takes it!

This morning, Justin Timberlake was on Regis and Kelly and sat down with Reg to talk his past, present and future (music???) projects.

When Regis started to ask him about his new movie, Bad Teacher, JT decided to call him out on something that has been bugging him.

Check out the video (above) to see what it was! (mark 5:58)


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Timberlake Saves The Day At The Box Office


After last week's disappointing performance with The Green Lantern, the box office turned around this week with a whopping $230 million - an increase of 40% from last year.

AND, not only that, but looks like Cameron Diaz has finally broken her bad streak. With so many recent flops, her movie Bad Teacher debuted in second place (just under Cars 2's $70 million) with an estimated weekend box office gross of $31 million.

Very, very impressive! And we think you better thank Justin Timberlake, Cam. Or at least his fans.

Reviews haven't been that great, but we definitely think the movie has the JT touch.

As for the rest of this weekend's top five films, here are the box office results:

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Cameron Diaz: Weed Is Awesome!

By now you know Cameron Diaz is everywhere promoting her new movie, Bad Teacher.

But it looks like her high overwhelming press schedule has made Cameron forget what in network TV appropriate!

In this clip from her interview with Jimmy Fallon Cameron tells Jimmy about how much her "character" from the "movie" totally hearts booze and weed - then things get a little personal.

This comes after ex-bf and Bad Teacher co-star, Justin Timberlake, recently admitted to ganja smoker himself.

Kids, your lesson here is pot give a couple longevity don't do drugs!!!!

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