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If Paranormal Activity Met Lost

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If they do this right, it has the potential to not completely suck!

ABC has reportedly teamed with Dreamworks to develop a television series in the style of Paranormal Activity and The Blair Witch Project called The River!

Produced by Steven Schneider, Jason Blum, and Michael R. Perry, the series will be based on "found footage" of four people who go missing on the Amazon and capture bizarre shiz on their video camera!

Sounds like it could turn into a poor man's version of Lost very quickly, but maybe we'll give it a shot!

But they better not even THINK about throwing that sneaky Smoke Monster in there! We'll flip a shiz!

What do U think? Would U watch The River??

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Heroes Sued!

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Ugh! And here we were thinking that we would never have to think of that shiteous show again now that it's been officially cancelled!

Comic book artist Jason Barnes has filed a $60 million lawsuit against NBC because he claims that a storyline on Heroes was a direct rip off of one of his works!

Barnes alleges that the show's story involving a travelling carnival in the last season is identical to his comic Jazan Wild's Carnival Of Souls!

The lawsuit states:

"The settings and the storylines are virtually the same. The main character in both stories leads a carnival of lost souls and outcasts. This dark character seeks to make his carnival more powerful by recruiting new members with special abilities. The appearance of some of the characters is also virtually identical to those in the plaintiff's books… Even the dialogue is similar. Indeed, some of the scenes in Heroes appear as if the plaintiff's books were used as storyboards by the defendants."

Wow! Seeing as we - and everyone else, for that matter - did not watch the show after the first season, we have no idea whether or not this has any validity or not!

We wouldn't be surprised if producers stole it, though! They probably did just to see if anyone would watch the crapfest long enough to pick up that it wasn't an original idea!

What do U think?? Does Barnes have a legit case on his hands??

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Ali Larter Is Delusional!

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Oh, honey!

We don't know why you even want to stay on that mess, your story lines have been BUTCHERED since day one!

Ali Larter must have gotten her head kicked in too many times by Beyowulf while filming Obsessed, because she seems to think that her shit-tastic TV series Heroes, which was only good for about thirteen minutes in 2006, is going to get renewed for another season!

She says:

"I think that we'll be back. I think that there are still stories that need to be told."

Tell those stories somewhere else, because nobody's interested in watching anymore, bb!!

Besides, you have all those Resident Evil movies now! At least those are purposely bad and the audience can have fun with it!

Heroes is just painful to sit through!

What do U think?? Would U want to watch another season of Heroes??

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