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Did You Forget Something, Kirstie??

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Girl, put on some damn shoes!!

Kirstie Alley was photographed walking out of a dance rehearsal on Tuesday, BAREFOOT!!

We're pretty sure one of the requirements to be on Dancing with the Stars is wearing a pair of shoes.

No, but seriously, Kirstie, stop walking and driving barefoot. It's a gross habit!!

Though, you do seem slightly slimmer.

Keep up the good work (and buy yourself some nice shoes).

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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Put On Some Shoes, Please!

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Hmmm…well what on Earth is going on here?

Emma Roberts was spotted out and about yesterday near her El Lay home, dressed pretty casually and noticeably barefoot - even when walking on the street!

We'll save the full-on Brit Brit comparisons until we see her doing this in a gas station parking lot, but still!

Be careful, bb! You never know what you could be stepping on!

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

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Mariah Carey Arrives in L.A….In A Wheelchair

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We know that you had a very minor accident on stage, but if we recall correctly, it wasn't anything that would warrant an icepack a wheelchair.

Mimoo has returned to the U.S., and she was wheeled to her car when she arrived at LAX.

We're really not sure exactly why she needed a wheelchair.

Sure, she tripped during her concert in Singapore, but she immediately got back up and made it through the rest of her performance…completely barefoot.

Perhaps she had a severely delayed more serious reaction to her minor on-stage fall?

Why do U think Mariah chose to use a wheelchair upon her arrival in Los Angeles?

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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Gross! Someone Forgot Her Footwear


Matthew McConaughey might not like wearing shirts while out and about, but it seems his baby momma Camila Alves doesn't like wearing shoes!

Camila was spotted this week shopping around Malibu sans footwear.


The hottie walked to the store, picked up some food, and then headed back to her car. And this isn't the first time Camila has been spotted out barefoot.

But should she even be driving without any shoes on?

Besides, how hard would it be to throw on some flip-flops before walking on the street barefoot? Who knows how many animals use that sidewalk and pavement as a toilet.


[Image via 310pix.com.]

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Dirty Hooker Chic?



Is this what she considers method-acting?

Some may assume that WhatsHerFace was trying to get into character for her upcoming role - as an HIV positive teenage junkie stripper in Rent - while she did the walk of shame yesterday out in EL Lay, but we know better!

She's getting used to being common street trash! She's going to need to hard when everyone realizes what a talentless hack she is and she has to resort to turning tricks!

Put some effing shoes on!!

[Image via Limelight.]

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