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Lindsay Lohan Facing Possible Lawsuit From Barron Hilton, But Attacker Is Backing Up Her Innocence!

lindsay lohan barron hilton lawsuit over assault

Lindsay Lohan, an innocent woman?

Those aren't necessarily words you hear together all that often to describe Lindsay, but she better hope people believe it!

After the brutal assault on Barron Hilton this weekend that resulted in him being hospitalized, we hear that he's ready to move forward with legal revenge.

It is being reported that Paris Hilton met up with a lawyer this weekend to help her brother set up a possible lawsuit. And now Barron is reportedly going to move forward with the case against Lindsay and Ray Lemoine ASAP!

But he might run into a little trouble in taking LiLo to court because she's got

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Barron Hilton’s Attacker Has Been Named By The Police! Gives His Side Of The Story!

lindsay lohan barron hilton alleged attacker ray at miami house

The police know who their man is!

After Barron Hilton was assaulted last week, the police began investigating, and they found the man who they think did it!

Ray Lemoine, a New Yorker, who is renting the Miami house where Barron was assaulted.

Apparently he was also the muscle Lindsay Lohan allegedly told to beat up Barron.

Both LiLo and Ray were contacted by the police, who tried to find them at their home, but no one answered. Since then though, they got ahold of Ray, who explained his side.

His rep said

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Paris Hilton Threatens Barron Hilton's Attackers On Instagram!

barron hilton injured face after lindsay lohan fight paris hilton comments instagram

She’s probably going to wish she’d just said this to her brother instead of posting it.

Barron Hilton had to go to the hospital following a recent fight that Lindsay Lohan allegedly instigated.

Well, he posted a picture of his injuries on Instagram, which made sister Paris Hilton even more furious!

The heiress commented on the pic:

"They both will pay for what they did. No one f*cks with my family and gets away with it!!"

As you probably guessed, the comment was deleted, but it’s already out there for the world to judge.

Of course any sister would be protective of her brother, but if this is seen as a real threat, Paris could get herself into trouble.

[Image via Instagram.]

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Barron Hilton Hospitalized After Lindsay Lohan Incident! Cocaine & Alcohol Were Seen At The Party!

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barron hilton in hospital following fight lindsay lohan friends cocaine alcohol party

This thing just keeps looking worse and worse!

In case you missed it, Lindsay Lohan allegedly instigated a fight, which left Paris Hilton’s brother Barron Hilton seriously injured!

After getting beat up, Barron went back to the Fontainebleau Hotel, where he was staying, and an ambulance was called to come get him!

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EXCLUSIVE! Lindsay Lohan "Orchestrated" Barron Hilton's Beat Down, Then Laughed While Her Muscle Bloodied Him Up?!

lindsay lohan barron hilton fight new details paris hilton miami beat down gavin doyle

Oh no! If these horrific new details are accurate, this story is much worse than we originally realized!!

We're hearing EXCLUSIVE! new reports about what went on late last night/early this morning between Paris Hilton's younger brother & Lindsay Lohan — NONE of it is good!

Apparently it all started when Barron Hilton ran into LiLo's model boyfriend at an after party located in the Miami mansion where Lindz was staying!

Sources say her BF started talking trash about Lindsay, about how she was crazy and how he couldn't wait to get away from her! Things really got out of control when the 24-year-old Hilton chimed in to agree!

LiLo's occasional bestie Gavin Doyle supposedly overheard Barron call Lindsay a "joke," which is when the you-know-what hit the fan and splattered all over everyone!

Sources say Gavin immediately ran over to the Mean Girls star and informed her of the trash talking. Lindz allegedly "instigated & orchestrated" the beat down that followed by ordering one of her thug to pummel the stuffing out of an unsuspecting Barron!

The worst part? Lindsay allegedly

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Lindsay Lohan Masterminded A VICIOUS Beat Down Of Paris Hilton's Little Brother Barron?!



Paris Hilton's little bro was beaten to a bloody pulp last night and we are STUNNED to find out who he claims is responsible!

Barron Hilton claims it was all Lindsay Lohan's fault!!! He swears she masterminded the whole, horrible beat down!

According to the 24-year-old hotel heir, he and LiLo exchanged heated words at Art Basel last night in Miami. Then, a short while later, Barron was jumped and badly beaten up!

But were the incidents related?

Well, after reporting the assault to the police, Barron says he was confronted by LiLo again. He says she tracked him down and hit him with

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Paris Hilton's Younger Brother Ordered To Pay $4.9 Million In DUI Crash

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You might think that's pretty steep, but we guarantee this kid will NEVER get behind the wheel drunk again!

Paris Hilton's younger brother Barron was sued by Fernando Telleza, a gas station attendant at a station on Pacific Coast Highway, for running him over with his car while he was drunk. At the time of the accident in 2008, Barron was not only drunk, but he was underage! Tellez's attorney claims his client has suffered "permanent disability" and has been forced to "undergo multiple surgeries and medical procedures" ever since.

As of this week, an L.A. County Superior Court jury found him guilty of the charges and he was thus order to pay $4.9 million in damages.

His attorney felt the jury was "wrong" and said so in an official statement to the press. He added that Barron has been "incredibly responsible ever since" and has proven he has grown as a person.

Just because you've learned from your mistakes doesn't mean you don't have to pay for making them. If this is the punishment your peers felt you deserved, so be it.

[Image via WENN.]

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