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Sean Spicer's False Claim That Hitler Never Used 'Chemical Weapons' Is Just ONE Of The White House Press Secretary's Most Ridiculous Moments!

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Every court has its clown.

But since our President is already a clown, that makes Sean Spicer a talking balloon animal.

The White House Press Secretary tried to justify Donald Trump's decision to airstrike Syria last week — and, in doing so, essentially told the entire press corps that he flunked World History in high school. (Sad!)

On Tuesday, Spicer painted Syrian president Bashar al-Assad as a villain more sinister than Adolf Hitler by proclaiming the Nazi leader "didn't even sink to chemical weapons" on his people like al-Assad has been accused of.

We guess he forget about the millions of Jews who were killed in gas chambers during WWII — but thankfully, White House reporters (and the Internet) were quick to remind him.

Sadly, this isn't Spicer's first perplexing moment at the podium. Relive the press secretary's most profound snafus (below)!

CLICK HERE to view "6 RIDICULOUS Sean Spicer Moments!"

CLICK HERE to view "6 RIDICULOUS Sean Spicer Moments!"

CLICK HERE to view "6 RIDICULOUS Sean Spicer Moments!"

CLICK HERE to view "6 RIDICULOUS Sean Spicer Moments!"

CLICK HERE to view "6 RIDICULOUS Sean Spicer Moments!"

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Russia Suspends A Critical U.S.-Russia Safety Agreement In Response To Trump's Airstrike On Syria!

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Uh oh… Vlad is mad.

We were shocked to report that Donald Trump had ordered an airstrike Thursday on a Syrian air base to retaliate against President Bashar al-Assad's alleged gas attack on a rebel village earlier this week.

Critics were upset to learn the President COMPLETELY changed his stance on U.S. action in the country — which was apparently triggered by the photos of Syrian children killed in the chemical strike — and ordered the attack from his Mar-a-Lago estate.

But vocal celebrities aren't the only ones pissed about POTUS's actions…

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Russia responded to the airstrike on Friday by suspending an essential agreement with the U.S. in Syria that prevented incidents and ensured flight safety!

President Vladimir Putin, staunch ally of al-Assad (and former Trump flatterer) condemned the attack, saying the airstrikes broke international law and have done MAJOR damage to

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CNN Anchor Breaks Down On Live TV Over Photo Of 5-Year-Old Syrian Child Who Survived Bombing

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The dreadful photo of a five-year-old Syrian boy sitting in an ambulance moments after his home was blown up has been shared across social media and is still moving people around the world.

It's hard not to be unsettled by the image of in-shock Omran Daqnessh covered in dust and blood, taken after the child was pulled from the wreckage caused by a Russian airstrike that killed three people and injured several others.

This jarring visual shows just a glimpse of the horrors the people of Aleppo are suffering under the non-stop bombing by the regime of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad and its Russian allies.

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The photo is a lot to take in, even for CNN anchor Kate Bolduan — who teared up while narrating footage of the boy's rescue.

It's hard not to see the dazed child as a symbol for all the innocent victims who are suffering in the war-torn country.

Watch the video (below) to see the anchor struggle to contain her tears in a very real news moment:

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Barbara Walters Apologizes For A 'Conflict Of Interest' With Syrian Presidential Aide

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Barbara Walters regrets helping out syrian aide

Barbara Walters landed an interview that made headlines around the world when she become the first American journalist to persuade Syria's President Bashar al-Assad to talk to the press.

However, she's getting some serious backlash after emails have surfaced showing that she tried to help one of his closest aides, 22-year-old Sheherazad Jaafari, land an internship at CNN and admission into Columbia University's journalism program.

The two women kept in contact after the interview and Mz. Jaafari, who is also the daughter of Syria’s UN ambassador, originally asked Walters for a job at ABC News. The View host replied that would be "a conflict of interest", but then offered to pass her resume on to Piers Morgan Tonight and speak to a journalism professor at Columbia on her behalf.

Now Mz. Walters regrets her decision to help this young woman and has said in a statement:

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