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C Love Goes Bat-Shit Crayzay During Interview!

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We kind of envy this reporter. The kind of crazy that Courtney Love was delving out in this interview is PRICELESS and should be experienced first hand.

C Love promised an interview to the Dallas Observer this week before one of her shows with Hole, but what the paper got instead was two hours of the most epic batshit ramblings EVER!

Here are some of our favorite pearls of delirium that came from C Love:

- "Russell Brand was the best dinner I've ever had; he was loquacious, he was brilliant, he was all the things you imagine Russell being".

- On taking anti-depressants: "Doing Abilify is like doing jumping jacks in a fucking closet."

- On Scarlett Johansson potentially playing her in a biopic: "Some people think she's wrong to play me because she's prettier than me. She's not that much prettier than me."

- "I've never peed in front of a guy -not even a gay guy.

- My net worth is higher than my alleged IQ."

Ha! Amazeballs!

The poor reporter was only able to squeeze in two legit questions: one about the new album and one about former bandmate Eric Erlandson. Of the latter, Courtney says she will never "play guitar" with him again, citing "religious purposes" as the reason for not being allowed in the same room as one another.

At the end of their two-hour lovefest, Courtney told the reporter that he was "lucky" to have spent this time with her.

We couldn't agree more! Girl, the next time you want to hop off on a tangent, we would LOVE to hear all about it! Give us a call!

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Twist! Jeremy London's Suing His Whole Family!

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Including his own mother!!! WTF!!!

Sources are reporting that Jeremy London is suing his mother, brother and his brother's girlfriend to keep their mouth's shut while he is in the middle of his publicity stunt kidnapping investigation.

Apparently, Jeremy isn't fond of the things his mom and twin brother Jason are saying to the media, such as that he is crazy and has addiction issues. In all fairness, it really doesn't help his story if the world knows the truth about his drug problems and mental instability.

Insiders say that Jeremy is furious at his fam for butting in on his spotlight and doubting his kidnapping story. Now, he is seeking an injunction that will stop them, according to his lawyer, from "telling harmful lies.”

Can we file an injunction to get this looney tune to tell us the truth?

[Image via WENN.]

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Twist Again! Jeremy London Acting CRAYZAY The Night Of "Kidnapping"!

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This is the craziest, most outrageous tale of insanity we have ever heard! And it just keeps getting stranger and stranger!

So, by now you know that Jeremy London is insisting that earlier this month, he was kidnapped and forced at gunpoint to smoke drugs. Old news, we know.

New news - apparently, Jeremy was already "tweaked out" before his alleged kidnapping!

Eyewitnesses from the Ramada Inn where Jeremy was staying the night of the "attack" have come forward to reveal some of the bizarre behavior Jeremy exhibited that night, including trying to mount a palm tree!

LOLz! WTF???

A hotel desk clerk reports that Jeremy showed up at the hotel around 2 am on June 11 acting "tweaked out." He recalls watching Jeremy attempt to "shimmy" up a palm tree in the front of the hotel. Apparently, he did this a few times, "clawing his way up one of the trees," then just falling on his ass. When he finally gave up he walked into the lobby and said to the witness, "Do you know who I am? I'm Jeremy London. I need a room."

It was only a few hours after the clerk checked him in that Jeremy called Palm Springs police, telling them he'd been kidnapped at gunpoint and forced to smoke drugs by three men.

So now, was that before or after you got busy with a palm tree???

We're still not convinced this whole story isn't just a fabricated tale from his friends Oxy and Cotton, but it certainly hasn't gotten BORING yet!

[Image via WENN.]

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Is Tom Cruise's Crazy Contagious??


We guess she was really invested in her character! Or maybe she just started taking whatever magic Xenu pills our gurl Tom Cruise is on that make him so effing batshit crazy hyper!

Check out this clip of Cameron Diaz attempting to promote her new flick, Knight & Day, on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, but actually just coming off as completely out of her mind as she flubs up her character's name in the film and then admits she actually hasn't seen it!

Yeah, the movie's that bad, huh, bb? We thought so!

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Hide Your Rabbit, Jack!

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We're sensing some Fatal Attraction shiz over here!

Sources spotted Ozzy Osbourne's newly slimmed and trimmed baby boy, Jack Osbourne, sharing a tender moment with his ex-girlfriend yesterday. You know, the one who keyed his Aston Martin!!!

That's a $250,000 car! That's not an easy fix!

Oh, and did we mention that we finally know what little message this girl carved into the roof of his car? Cause we do!

She called him a "dick!"

Lovely! We can totally see why you would want to spend time with her, Jack! (idiot!)

P.S. - He might want to get in as much time with his own version of Glenn Close while he can. Yesterday, his girl was also charged with felony vandalism and faces up to three years in prison if convicted.

Seems a little extreme. Some good anger management classes could do the trick!

[Image via WENN.]

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The Prostitution Whore Wants Her 'Stolen' Sex Tape To Outsell Kendra's!


A-ha! The Grinch speaks!

As we all know, The Real Housewives of New Jersey's very own sociopath and prostitution whore, Danielle Staub, made a sex tape a while back that's being distributed by Hustler in a few weeks.

Like any mentally unstable famewhore, she's speaking out about the entire debacle, and is truly convincing when she claims that it was stolen and released without her consent!

She says:

"It was stolen. Then I just decided, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. What am I left to do? This isn't something I chose to have released, but it's out there, and there's nothing I can do about it."

Well doesn't she just sound devastated? LOLZ!

And as if that isn't insane enough, she goes on to compare her tape to Kendra's:

"I haven't seen hers. I haven't seen mine, either, but … if it's going to do anything, I would hope it does better."

But of course!

We can't even laugh at this shiz, because we're chilled to the bone by the numbing reality that there are two children in this world who have to look at that HOrrific woman and address her as mom!

So depressing.

[Image via WENN.]

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The Real Housewives' Prostitution Whore Is Getting Her Sex Tape Released!

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Well of COURSE she has a sex tape! She is a prostitution whore, after all!

Sources are claiming that the Real Housewives of New Jersey's very own sociopath and former junkie hooker Danielle Staub made a sex tape a few months after her debut on the reality series last year, and despite her best 'efforts' (yeah RIGHT) to keep it private, it's now going to be distributed!

Hustler, Inc. will be releasing the 75 minute video - of the unstable psycho getting her fuck on with a mystery man - on June 14th!

We can't wait to hear what her castmates will have to say about THIS one!


[Image via WENN.]

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