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Listen To This: Your Secret Is Safe With Her

It's been just over three years since we first mentioned Mr. Little Jeans back in this post.

Developing as an artist and working on your debut isn't quick and easy, but thankfully for Mr. Little Jeans it was worth the wait!

The fierce Norweigan (who is not a man) just dropped her long-anticipated album… and we are loving it!

She reminds us of early Icona Pop meets Bat For Lashes and Oh Land - with some Niki and the Dove too!

In other words, Mr. Little Jeans is giving us indie Euro 2014 Europop that Bjork would be proud of!

Check out Good Mistake above!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Mr. Little Jeans!

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Listen To This: Very Regal!

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This sounds very British, but it's actually some GREAT new English-language music from France!

Say hello to Christine and the Queens!

She reminds us a lot of Bat For Lashes, Imogen Heap and - especially - (non Brit) Lykke Li!

Check out the enigmatic and enchanting Wandering Lovers (above)!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more from Christine and the Queens!

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Listen To This: Don't Save Us!

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Their bass lines are so insanely killer!!!!!!

The melodically addictive sisters known as Haim are back and bangin' as ever!

Theirs is lo-fi girl group sound - think The Go Gos or The Bangles - meets moodier contemporary counterparts like Bat For Lashes and Marina & The Diamonds!

Check out their latest release, Falling, above!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Haim!

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Listen To This: The Sweet Smell Of A Flower!

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We love LOVE love LOVE us some Bat For Lashes!

She is the closest thing we have to a modern-day Kate Bush - and that's a huge compliment!

Check out the lush and delicate yet powerful beauty of Lilies (above)!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Bat For Lashes!

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Listen To This: When Doves Cry

Bat For Lashes, Florence & The Machine, Kate Bush or Ellie Goulding. If you like any of those artists, then we think you will really dig Niki & The Dove!

Like Robyn, these Swedes are doing "pop" in a fun, fierce and fresh way!!!

Check out the moody and melodic Tomorrow (above)!

So lush!!!

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Niki & The Dove!

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Listen To This: Bang To The Beat Of…

This is sooooo hot!!!!

Right up our alley!

Take a dash of Bat For Lashes, a sprinkle of La Roux and a heaping teaspoon of what makes her different and you have Niki & The Dove!

Check out the radness that is her song The Drummer (above).

Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Niki & The Dove.

Feeeeling it!!!!

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Lola Talks Resolutions & Music


It's been a while since Lola's blogged, but now that there's a new Material Girl collection coming out she's giving an update on her life in 2011.

Here's what the mini Madonna wrote:

Its Lola here. I trust you guys had an aWeSoMe & fashionable Christmas/Hanukah/New Years. I know I did. Lolerskates.

So yeah guys 2011 huh? I feel like 11 is such a random number. I know I thought I was just the coolest kid in town when I was 11 with my red skinny jeans and gladiator sandals. YUCHK. But turns out I wasn’t in the slightest way cool.

Aside from how not cool I used to be , since it’s the new year I came up with some new years resolutions and a playlist. Here they are ;

-Eat more cheese
-Own more Alexander McQueen
-Get a nose ring
-Dye my hair blue at some point
-Not fail math (integrated Algebra 1. Yeah guys im so damn smart but not really at all)
-Not zone out when people talk to me and be like ”what?” at the end of a convo.
-Stop wearing only black nail polish
-Be more brave and less stupid with fashion choices
-Work harder in dance
-Learn to develop a filter while speaking to someone I’m not particularly fond of and/or have just met.
-Listen to more show tunes.

-Lykke Li- “ I follow rivers”
-Gogos-“ We got the beat”
-Bat for lashes-“ Daniel”
-Pretty Reckless- “Light me up”
-XX- “you got the love” (remix)
-Mumford & Sons- “Little Lion Man”
-Kings of Leon-“ Radioactive”
-Anya Marina-“Whatever you like”

Okay guys those are my resolutions and my playlist for the new year. I strongly advise you to listen to these. Lykke Li is AMAZING don’t just listen to that one song.

I dedicated a pair of pants to her and wrote her lyrics all over them. mad awks.

Alsoozzz I’m super excited for mee Dad’s new rOm cOm “Immigration Tango” hitting the movie theaters soon, its gonna be awesome so make sure you check it out

Stay chill guys,


We like resolution #2 — a lot!

[Image via WENN.]

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