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Christopher Nolan Confirmed For Batman 3

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So excited for this!

Although Warner Bros. is staying mum about it, Christpher Nolan is officially signed on as the director for Batman 3.

And the script is in its final stages! Amazing.

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The New Catwoman??? Will Marion Cotillard Be In Batman 3?

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We could seriously get behind this casting choice! She is flawless!

Casting rumors for Christopher Nolan's much anticipated Batman 3 are still running rampant, but this by far is our most exciting!

Sources at Warner Brother are reportedly claiming that Marion Cotillard has been offered the part of either Selina Kyle or Talia al Ghul in the upcoming flick!

Amazing! Right?

Well, unfortunately, that same insider also revealed that the actress "has had to turn down the offer as of now as she’s unsure whether the planned shooting start date of the next Batman movie will clash with other projects she’s either interested in or already committed to, despite the fact that she’s reportedly keen to re-team team with Christopher Nolan.”

So disappointing!

We hope that if this is true, that they re-coordinate some schedules here! There's not too many actresses that we would be this excited to see take on either of these characters, but she is DEFINITELY one of them!

What do U think?? Would U like to see Marion Cotillard in Batman 3??

[Image via WENN.]

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Will Catwoman Be In The New Batman??

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Oh, we hope this is legit!

Sources close to director Christopher Nolan have apparently gotten a hold of the latest revision of the screenplay for his much anticipated third Batman film, and apparently there might be another awesome villain joining The Riddler!

Sources say:

According to this guy, these script notes made a few references to Selina Kyle as a character. Kyle, as every Batman fan knows, becomes Catwoman. So if this is true, expect to see her don the leathers, as its unlikely Nolan would bring in Kyle but not her villainous alter ego, this being his last Batman movie.

Yes! We definitely think this needs to happen! We would LOVE to see his take on that badass bitch!

However, only time will tell if it does indeed happen!

What do U think?? Would U like to see Catwoman in the next Batman? And who would play her??

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Short Listed To Play The Riddler In New Batman!

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Now THIS is casting we could get behind!

Sources who are close to the production of Christopher Nolan's Batman 3 claim that the casting grid confirms that The Riddler will DEFINITELY be a character in the third installment of the reboot, and that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is shortlisted as an actor that they're interested in casting for the role!

YES! We think he's the perfect person for the role. Obviously, they'll never be able to strike gold the way they did with Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, but he'll make for a nice successor!

The script is still being written, so it's unclear how large The Riddler's role will be, but this is definitely a good sign!

What do U think?? Do U like Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the part??

[Image via WENN.]

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Batman Director Won't Recast Heath Ledger's Joker

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Good man. Heath Ledger made that role. In honor of his memory, it's better to let it stay his role.

Director Christopher Nolan has announced that the Joker will not be reappearing in the next Batman movie.

In a recent interview, Nolan decided not to divulge which villain or villains would be appearing in Batman 3, which is due out next July 2012. But, he insisted that for him, Heath was the "definitive" Joker and that it wouldn't be appropriate to recast.

We totally agree. Time to get some new villains anyway. There is such a magnitude to choose from anyway.

Any villain U'd like to see in the next movie?

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