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Monkeys Monkey Around With Tourist's Sunglasses

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The cheeky monkeys at the London Zoo have been causing a bit of trouble lately.

The little buggers have been stealing sunglasses off of the heads of tourists passing through on sunny days!

Zoo officials say the animals love to see their reflection in the lenses, but have formulated a plan to prevent any more monkey business.

They plan on spraying the stolen sunglasses down with a bitter concoction which will hopefully turn the animal's taste for fashionable eyewear sour.

Good luck!

Check out the BBC news story above to see the cute little primates monkeying around with their stolen toys!

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Daring Underwater Whale Rescue

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Check out this AMAZING footage (above) of a daring underwater whale rescue by divers trying to free a humpback whale caught in a fishing net.

The whale was obviously in distress and at risk to drown unless freed!

One swipe from the whales flailing tail could have been deadly for the divers, but they put their fear aside and dove in to free the whale anyway!

Thanks guys!

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