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Victoria Leaves David For The Dog

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Victoria Left David For The Dog


Super pregnant Victoria Beckham is feeling so fat, ugly and uncomfortable she’s moved out of the bed room she shares with hubby David Beckham to sleep with her dog.

According to a source close to the family:

"Victoria has moved into her own bedroom suite in their LA home. She says she can’t sleep next to David any more because she feels like a beached whale and wants to stretch out.

David thinks it’s hilarious she’s taken their new puppy Scarlet with her. She’s treating it like her new daughter before the arrival of the real one.”

David understands Victoria’s been tetchy lately. But he thinks it’s funny Scarlet has been keeping her sane, especially when he sees how happy she is now she’s moved out of the marital bed and is nesting with the little French bulldog.”

Puppies are cute. We get that.


Pregnancy must make you nuts.

[Image via WENN.]

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Stranded Whale Returned To Sea!

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Beached whale pushed back into ocean

Twenty SeaWorld employees volunteered to push a young beached sperm whale back into the ocean yesterday.

The male whale was about 15 to 18 feet long and weighed 3,000 pounds!

That's like pushing a tractor trailer, but without wheels!

It was found on a beach in La Jolla, California, a small town north of San Diego, and was probably stranded because it became sick or got lost.

The volunteers pushed and guided the whale a quarter mile into the ocean before it swam off by itself.

The sperm whale was making normal noises and was energetic as they assisted it out to see, so SeaWorld volunteers were optimistic about its chances for survival, which is GREAT news!

Thanks SeaWorld!

Anyone who sees a stranded marine animal near San Diego should call (800) 541 – SEAL (7325) to notify SeaWorld.

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Dolphin Is Sent Back To The Ocean!

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A dolphin is back in the ocean!

The dolphin that was stranded on a Cape Cod beach this morning was released back into the ocean!

The dolphin was found at around 5:45 am and a team from the International Fund for Animal Welfare responded.

After his vital signs were checked, the dolphin was successfully sent back home to the ocean.

Yay! We are so glad he is OK!

[Image via WENN.]

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Beached Dolphins Are Often Deaf

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Researchers have found that most of the dolphins that are found stranded on beaches are deaf or nearly deaf.

Since these animals can't use their hearing to find food or their family they are disoriented and weak, which is why they are the ones that come up onto shore.

Since there have been several mammal strandings recently including beached whales, the question comes up of how did these animals become deaf?

Well, there has been a lot more noise in the ocean than there had been in the past. There are more and more power boats as well as huge ships.

It has been thought that beached animals should be given hearing tests, if they pass they will eventually be released back into the wild, however if they are deaf, they should be put into aquariums or places where they can be cared for.

This is sad, however it is a good finding!!

[Image via AP Images.]

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Beached Whales Get Some Help

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After huge storms in New Zealand, almost 100 volunteers worked overnight to keep beached whales alive on a beach at the tip of New Zealand's North Island.

They continuously splashed these whales with buckets of water for hours.

The surviving whales, which were in good condition, thanks to the help of these volunteers, are going to be moved to a nearby lagoon before being released to an ocean with calmer waters.

Thank you to all who helped these gentle giants!

Woof, woof, Teddy and Perez!

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Sad! Beached Whale Unable To Be Rescued!

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Poor thing.

An endangered whale has been beached in Southern Brazil for two days and he's unfortunately too weak to be rescued.

According to Elizabeth Carvalho da Rocha, head of the whale protection area in Brazil, the 40-ton, 50-foot-long mammal was probably frail when it beached itself because it's "very difficult for a healthy animal to get stranded."

Biologists will continue to monitor the whale's vital signs, but he may not last much longer. They will do their best to minimize its suffering.


[Image via AP Images.]

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