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Put Down Your Spoon! What This Woman Found In Her Chicken Noodle Soup Will Make You SICK!

chicken fetus found in chicken noodle soup

We'd like to apologize in advance if you were just getting ready to enjoy a nice tasty meal, because this will probably make you lose your appetite!

Nicole Montgomery was warming up a can of Campbell's chicken noodle soup for her sick daughter when she noticed something strange in the bowl!

So the Colorado mom took a closer look and noticed whatever it was had a

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Dolphins Get Smarter! Learning To Use "Tools" To Catch Dinner

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Flipper's getting feisty!

Researchers in Australia have found that the dolphin population in Perth have learned a new trick - using to tools to catch their food.

There have been rare sightings of this in recent years, but in the last few months, more and more it seems apparent that dolphins are seeing the benefit of using large conch shells to catch food. What they'll do is grab the shell in their beak and shake them above the surface of the water. Doesn't seem like much of an advancement at first, but once researchers looked closer, they found that the shaking movement was to drain the water from the shell, allow the fish trapped inside to subsequently fall into their mouths.

Genius! They've figured out the concept of a spoon! How exciting!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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Vet Performs Mouth-To-Beak CPR On Bald Eagle

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Solute to one fabulous vet!

This injured bald eagle was brought to veterinarian, Jeff Cooney, after the birdie was hit by a car.

The bird stopped breathing after going under anesthesia and amazingly the increda-vet did his American duty and blew breath back into the bird's lungs with mouth to beak CPR!

The eagle, named Patriot, suffered spinal trauma and a broken wing, and both legs were paralyzed.

Cooney said it was unlikely that Patriot would fly again, but he might be strong enough to live at a wild bird center within a few months.

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Baby Penguin Gets A New Beak!

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The 5-month old penguin was found on a beach nearby Rio de Janeiro with a shattered beak. It appeared that the penguin's beak had been crushed by a boat propeller.

This penguin has now received a prosthetic beak, enabling him to eat on his own!

This little guy is expected to make a full recovery and he will be moved to a breeding center in California!

Aww! Check out the video above to see this great story!

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