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Two Fox News Correspondents Badly Beaten In Cairo.

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This is becoming frighteningly out of control.

A pair of Fox News correspondents stationed in Egypt have reportedly been so severely beaten that they had to be hospitalized.

According to an on-air statement from Fox News' John Roberts:

"Greg Palkot and Olaf Wiig, his dedicated cameraman, were above Tahrir Square yesterday. They were forced to leave their position when a Molotov cocktail was thrown at it, a large fire erupted. They were forced to flee. They ran out and ran right into the pro Mubarak crowd and were severely beaten and had to be taken to the hospital, spent the night in the hospital. The extent of their injuries was fairly grave, however, they have been released from the hospital."

Unbelievable, sickening, and so, so scary.

Our thoughts are with the brave men and women who are currently stuck in Cairo. May no more harm come to any of them, and may they be allowed to return to the US quickly AND safely.

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Conan's Ratings Already Dropping!


We were worried about this.

After squashing all of the competition in viewership during his Monday premiere, Conan had a pretty significant drop-off during its second night, pulling in a 2.1 rating!

This puts them down 28%, whereas Letterman pulled in a 3.0/8, Leno a 2.5/7, and Nightline a 3.2!


No need to get too discouraged, but we sincerely hope this trend doesn't continue!

Team CoCo!


[Image via WENN.]

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Awful! Long Island Gay Teen Beaten By Classmates On The Bus!

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three teens beat gay boy arrested bullying

And nobody stopped it, including the two ADULTS on board!


Three Long Island teens face serious charges of assault and harassment after they brutally tormented a young 14-year-old boy they believed was gay. The teens, two 16 and one 18, have reportedly been bullying the kid for awhile, but only this week did things turn violent.

According to police, the three teens allegedly kicked and slapped the 14-year-old while taking the bus to school on Tuesday. The harassment continue yesterday, as they got in his face and began berating him. On both occasions, two adult females were present, the driver and the monitor, but neither of them intervened, nor did they report the situation as they should.

We can understand not wanting to put yourself in a violent situation, that can be scary. But why would you keep quiet? That poor boy was being BEATEN and you just turned a blind eye?! How heartless!

Two of the teens were charged with third-degree assault, a misdemeanor, and second-degree aggravated harassment, a felony. The other was only charged with third-degree assault.

We hope they get everything that is coming to them for tormenting someone like that!

And to that 14-year-old, we says this: IT GETS BETTER!

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Inspiring 11-Year-Old Male Cheerleader On Good Morning America!

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This little man is such an inspiration!

Check out (above) Tyler Wilson, the 11-year-old who was beaten so badly he had his arm broken just because he is a cheerleader, making an appearance this morning on Good Morning America!

So well spoken and so brave!

Hang in there, buddy! You are doing the RIGHT THING!

We are so proud of your perseverance!

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Aretha Franklin’s Son Brutally Beaten

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This is sad news.

Eddie Franklin, son of Aretha Franklin, was viciously beaten on Monday at a gas station Detroit.

Witnesses say that the culprits were two males and one female.

After the beating, Eddie was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery. No other details have been released.

Get better, Eddie! We've got your back!

[Image via WENN.]

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Bassist For Madina Lake Tries To Save A Woman, Gets Severely Beaten!

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This is so tragic!

Madina Lake's bass player Matthew Leone was severely beaten by a woman's husband after he witnessed a domestic dispute and attempted to help her from being hit by her husband in his hometown of Chicago.

The woman's husband turned on Matthew, attacking him, leaving him with a broken jaw and nose and a fractured skull. The swelling in his brain was so severe, doctors had to remove one third of his skull.

His brother and Madina Lake frontman Nathan Leone has been by his side since he was put in the hospital earlier this week. Nathan says:

"Matthew is a hero in my book. He's an angel. He put himself at great harm. He walked about half way there and witnessed a guy beating on his wife. Where we come from, violence against women is absolutely disgusting…He got in the middle and tried to make sure she was okay. The guy proceeded to beat him from behind."

Luckily, Matthew is conscious and is talking now. Nathan adds:

"He does recognize me. It was touch and go for a while there, but at this point, things are starting to turn around, which is wonderful. The first couple of days, he couldn't recognize me or say anything coherent, but this morning he did. And now he's aware and talking and moving around a little, which is wonderful. So the prognosis is getting better by the hour.

We don't have health insurance. It's a horrible coincidence, because as we've been on tour, it's been hard to manage bills.

The outpouring of support has been amazing. Every band we've ever toured with, every Facebook and MySpace outlet has been going crazy with love and support. We've heard from friends, fans, neighbors, labels and management. It's honestly overwhelming. When something horrible happens, you're inclined to despise humanity, but this proves how many amazing people there are in the world…They helped save his life."

Chicago police have arrested the husband and charged him with a misdemeanor. He has yet to be charged in connection with Matthew's beating.


The Leone family is in our thoughts.

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TSA Worker Beats Co-Worker For Small Penis Jokes!

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LOL! This is HIGHlarious!

A TSA worker in Miami, FL was arrested after attacking a co-worker who kept making small penis jokes after the he walked through a high-tech airport security screener, showing his um, tiny penis.

Apparently the guy had gone through a year of teasing and he finally just snapped!


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