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Sir Paul McCartney Wants You To Say NO To Animal Tested Cosmetics!


Paul McCartney is teaming up with The Humane Society to end the horrific use of animal testing in cosmetics.

Every year, small animals like rabbits, mice, and monkeys go through excruciatingly painful tests, leaving them with

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Paramount Drums Up Ringo Starr Inspired Musical

Ringo Starr Dave Stewart Hole In The Fence

A Beatle and a Eurythmic walk into a bar… and pitch a coming-of-age musical to a major studio??

We didn't see that one coming!!

Paramount commissioned rock legends Ringo Starr and Dave Stewart to create and help produce Hole in the Fence, a coming-of-age musical drama about young Brits from a poor mining town who find hope and salvation through rock ‘n’ roll.

Hmmm. That sounds

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The Beatles' Yellow Submarine: Coming Back To A Theater Near You!

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This is so unexpectedly awesome!

The classic animated flick,Yellow Submarine, has been restored and is being brought back to a few select theaters.

A product of the psychedelic culture during the sixties, the film is a cult and classic hit.

Don't judge the movie by its story, though; it's all about the music!

The film features some of The Beatles best hits such as Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Eleanor Rigby, and Yellow Submarine.

All together now!

We all live in a yellow submarine

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Hey Jude Joseph! Watch Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sing The Beatles Classic At Sundance!

He really gets into it by the bridge. He's feeeeeling it!

At his hitRECord event over at Sundance this week, Joseph Gordon-Levitt took to the stage to do a little something special. He grabbed his guitar and belted out a really nice cover of The Beatles' Hey Jude.

Check out the video (above) to hear him jam!


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Chris Rene Transforms A Beatles Classic Into Hip Hop!

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We wanted to see Chris Rene do something less Posner-like and he delivered!

Chris took The Beatles' Let It Be track and gave it his signature hip hop stylings.

It showed more of the soul and personality he presents during his "I'm sober now!" speeches, and we like that. We like it when the personality bleeds through the performance.

In the middle of his performance, he transitions into the original Young Homie winning the heart of Simon Cowell back.

Like we've said before, we want to hear more of those originals from him! That's what we all love about him!

Check it out!! Press that play button!

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John Lennon's Oldest Son, Julian, Lashes Out At Sir Paul McCartney On Facebook Over Wedding Invite Snub!

Julian Lennon snubbed by beatles

John Lennon's oldest son, Julian, is pissed for being "snubbed" from an invite to SEVERAL big Beatles' events, including Sir Paul McCartney's recent NYC wedding reception.

On October 23rd, the day after Paul and new bride Nancy Shevell hosted the star-studded wedding reception, Julian lashed out on his Facebook page for not getting an invite. The 48-year-old and son of John's first wife, wrote:

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Yoko Ono Accused of Selling John Lennon Artworks That Have Been Altered

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The place for Beatles fans and art lovers this past weekend was the SoHo studio rented out by Yoko Ono to auction off some of John Lennon's artwork she had been holding onto. However, a Florida-based artist is claiming that the pieces for sale are actually fake, or rather "essentially cut-and-paste mashups of Lennon themes rather than Lennon prints."

Gary Arsenau, an "artist, creator of original lithographs, scholar, and author" claims that he has looked over the pieces carefully and noticed the discrepancies almost immediately. He explained to ArtInfo:

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