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Urban Outfitters Is Keeping Their Bed Bug Problem On The Low Low!


Bed bugs are as popular as designer handbags in New York City, but definitely not as fabulous!

The Urban Outfitters store on Sixth Avenue in NYC is infested with bed bugs, but the retailer has yet to confirm the nasty problem and isn't taking the necessary steps to resolve the mess.


According to a source

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Bed Bugs Are Lame, Don't Like Alcohol

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Drunk Bed Bugs

Looks like bed bugs won't be joining frats any time soon!


So, um, bed bugs are absolutely disgusting. They survive mainly on human blood, and are EVERYWHERE.

If you've been slammin' back the Mississippi Dunce Caps, though, you might be in the clear!

New research says bed bugs do not like booze

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Bed Bugs Might Owe Success To Inbreeding

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Bed Bugs Incest


So bed bugs disappeared for a long time, but in recent years they've come back in force — this time resisting insecticides.


Well, some researchers decided to study the hell out of them, and found very little genetic differences between the bugs during a given infestation — meaning that the problem probably started with just one or two bugs… and they inbreeded with each other to cause the war!

"We find that bedbug infestations basically start from a very small number of individuals. A single mated female bedbug starts the infestation. She gives rise to offspring and those offspring mate with each other and with their mother. This is different from many animals. In humans, it is taboo."

It's taboo because with many animals AND humans, it's both weird and gross, but also can create physical deformities.

Unfortunately, this might not lead to a better insecticide, but the more we understand, the better our chances.

We need a shower.

[Image via AP Images.]

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Show The World You're Bed Bug Free!


Have you ever wanted to shout from the rooftops that you're free of bed bugs?

Now you can, thanks to New York pest control company M&M Environmental.

M&M says the t-shirt line "was born out of the realization of just how difficult the introduction of bed bugs has been to our 'social landscape' (i.e. DATING)".

There are six shirts total, or as they say almost one for every day of the week, with each featuring a funny little saying like "Date Me I'm Bed Bug Free" or "Bed Bug Free Forever".

How could a guy or girl say no when you're wearing that?

[Image couresty M&M Environmental.]

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Juicy Couture Store Closes From Bed Bugs

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Juicy Couture Store Closes From Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are taking over New York!

A Juicy Couture store was just forced to close due to a bed bug infestation, but the store is trying to get rid of them so they can reopen.

“The hope is to be open before the end of the week,” said a Juicy Couture spokesman.

Yikes! Be careful, New Yorkers! Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere!

[Image via AP Images.]

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