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Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife! Antoine Dodson Gets His Own Milkshake!

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This guy's unstoppable!

Antoine Dodson is still going strong after performing his tune Bed Intruder Song at the BET Awards.

Seems like everyone wants to see more of the internet sensation because now he has his own milkshake!! Ha!

Appearing at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood, Calif., Antoine looked super happy being at the center of the attention.

We love the positivity on this guy! Thumbs up for justice!

[Image via Buzz Foto.]

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Antoine Dodson Performs Bed Intruder Song LIVE!!!!

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Sure, the MTV Video Music Awards and the Emmys were pretty good, but the 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards have officially become our favorite awards show of 2010 because of this!

Check out the video (above) to see Antoine Dodson, the best sport in history, perform the Bed Intruder Song live!

Do U think this will EVER get old? Or, like a fine wine, will it continue to get better with age?

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Antoine Dodson's Still Around!

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We would have thought his 15 minutes dried up awhile ago, but it looks like you can't keep a good man like Antoine Dodson down for long!

Antoine, better known as the creator of the Bed Intruder Song, is still getting tons of press, even from the likes of Katie Couric!

Check out this report Katie did on Antoine for CBS News! (above)

We're all for Antoine getting some more recognition, but really Katie? Isn't the president doing something worth while? Aren't we still in a war? Is this really all there is for you to do a report on???

P.S. - Nice weave, BB!

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Kid Cudi Is An Idiot


Kid Cudi spilled his idiotic guts to Complex magazine, and we've gotta say…we are NOT impressed.

Here are some excerpts from the interview, which should give you the gist of why he's a Kid CudIDIOT:

Everybody think they Hov. Niggas ain't got the magic like they think they do; there's only a couple of wizards in this game. I'm a wizard and I know it.

Sounds like the makings of another Bed Intruder Song! More from CudIDIOT on his cocaine usage:

I never thought it was a problem, but I was definitely high-fiving death a couple of times.

That's right, Cudi. It's only a problem if you ACTUALLY die. Almost dying is fine.

Here's CudIDIOT on Perez:

Even Perez Hilton said some shit about me. He might be a good person and have a good heart, but he does a lot of fuckhead shit. Who are you to talk about people? That's not cool. That's why the world is so fucked up, because of hate. And he's gay? I just don't get that. The gay people I know are about peace and love and coming together. That shit doesn't register with me. He's a chump and a coward, and it's fucked up because I met dude so many times and he had nothing but love to show me. Then when that shit happened with Lady Gaga kicking me off her tour, he had to run his mouth and judge me on that shit.

We'd recommend Cudi look up the word "nonsensical" in the dictionary, but we'd probably first have to explain the concept of a dictionary to him, which wouldn't be worth our time.

Check out the full interview here, and let us know if U can think of any words other than "nonsensical," "idiot", or "moron" to describe the man kid.

[Image via WENN.]

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Antoine Dodson Buys A House With Mockery Money

We continue to make fun of him, and you know what? He continues to profit from it!

The Bed Intruder Song has now made Antoine Dodson so much money that he's been able to move his entire family into a safer home.

Here's what Dodson had to say about the new house:

"We found a house! [We are so] excited … It's for my whole family. And these are new houses that have just been built."

Dodson has also decided to use his newfound money to go back to school:

"I signed up to finish my associate's degree in business. That way I can take everything to the next level and be on a more professional level."

He's mentioned a desire to open a hotel or a salon.

We think a salon sounds like a great idea! We can see the commercial now:

"Well, obviously we have a Salon in Lincoln Park. We're styling your hair well, we're giving you a haircut, we're trying to cut hair, so you need to bring your kids, bring your wife, and bring your husband because we're styling everybody up in here."

We continue to wish Dodson the best of luck with his endeavors! We've included the Bed Intruder Song video (above) to remind us all what's paying for Antoine Dodson's house and continuing education.

Would U go to a salon run by Antoine Dodson?

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