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Canada Wins The Entire Olympics With Free Beer Fridge That Opens With Your Passport!

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canadian beer fridge twitter doodle

O Canada! We raise our glass to thee!

Those aren’t the words to their national anthem, but they should be!

Our neighbors to the north are tied for second in the Olympic medal count right now but they are TOTALLY winning the entire winter games!

Just ch-ch-check out the beer fridge that’s set up in the Canadian national team’s house in Sochi (above)!

All the Olympians have to do is swipe their passport and TA-DA! Free beer!

And as we all know, “free" and "beer” are the two greatest words in the English language!

Unfortunately, you HAVE to be a Canadian in order to get your complimentary brewski!

Oh for cryin' in the mud!

If only we could have been born in Canadialand!

Oh wellz. We tip our hat to America’s hat for this golden idea!

[Image via Twitter.]

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Justin Bieber Partying Post-Jail ALREADY!? See If He's Popping Tabs On Beer Bottles HERE!

justin bieber party beer bottle release post arrest dui resisting arrest miami pic twitter

At it again already?!

Oh, Biebsy — we hope not!!!

A South Florida CBS news affiliate has apparently been following Justin Bieber around with a helicopter since his release from custody earlier today and, it's tough to tell, but he might be pAArtying again already!!!

They snapped post-jail pics of The Big BUSTED! Bieberoni hanging out on someone's patio at the 14th and Collins area of South Beach and it appears like he might be standing next to a few open cans of beer!

Wait, the troubled teen was allegedly a few drinks deep when cops pulled him over this morning during that whole drag racing debacle, are you telling us he might be back on the sauce again already?

We sure hope not!!!!

This is what the CBS station tweeted :

We know Molson Ice flows from Canadian faucets like water and that his home nation's drinking age may sometimes vary, but 19-year-olds are NOT typically allowed to drink alcohol in the States!!

We assumed JB would've learned that by now!!!

Do U think this is just an innocent photo of Justin hanging in the prison yard or is he already getting his drank on?!

P.S. CLICK HERE to "follow" Perez on Twitter!

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[Image via Twitter/CBSMiami.]

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Jelly Belly Blows Minds With New Beer Flavor!

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jelly belly draft beer flavor


Jelly Belly is considered the gold standard of jelly beans, and have been for over 100 years!

That's pretty incredible — but they haven't really earned it until now!

They just unveiled a BEER flavored bean! Finally!

The new flavor is called

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Melissa Joan Hart Pours Beer All Over Herself All In The Name Of Comedy!

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When it comes to life, comedy usually cures what ails you! And in comedy, ale's what cures you!

While at El Lay's Laugh Factory for New Material Night with Kevin Nealon, Melissa Joan Hart performed a set! We bet there wasn't a dry seat in the house afterwards, or a dry shirt on Melissa either!

Now usually it's the audience members who need to be plied with liquor for laughs, but this time it was Melissa who doused herself with beer to get some chuckles!

Hey, whatever gets the laugh!

We're sure you killed it, Melissa. Just make sure you change your shirt before driving any sort of vehicle!

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Ke$ha Strips Down To Get Some Dirty Love! Watch HERE!

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No one can say gurl's sexuality is being exploited this time! Unless she's exploiting it herself!

For her latest video, Ke$ha stepped into the director's chair!

And then stepped onto the dance floor and took it all off!

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see Ke$ha strip, get soaked in beer, and dance with dudes in drag! It's all part of Dirty Love!

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Heidi Klum Parties With Some Good Ol' Fashioned Beer At The San Diego Chargers Game!

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heidi klum has a drink at the san diego chargers game

Wow! We had no idea Heidi Klum was such a big football fan!

And we're not talking about the fußball they play in Germany. We're talking about big guys in pads running around a field and hitting each other!

So, the smokin' hot model made her way to Qualcomm Stadium to watch the San Diego Chargers take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the last game of the regular season, and she let loose by sipping on some nice, refreshing beer! Wonder if it's GERMAN beer, tho??

Heidi definitely picked a good game too as the Chargers pulled off the win in overtime to earn the very last spot in the playoffs!

Looks like she's quite the good luck charm!

[Image via Heidi Klum's Twitter.]

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Jennifer Lawrence Likes When The Buds Are Ever In Her Flavor! J.Law's A Brewski Babe!

1jennifer taking a sip of woody s drink jennifer lawrence and josh hutcherson 31875205 500 171

Whassup y'all! It's official. Budwesier is officially cool!

In a recent sit down interview, Jennifer Lawrence was asked by a waiter if she wanted a fancy artisanal beer, which she told the interviewer was not really her thing:

"I'm a Budweiser person. So I don't really understand."

Uh, congrats Anheuser-Busch on having Katniss' official endorsement for your brew! Looks like that will soon be selling out at the Hob! LOL!

Give yourself a three fingered pat on the back if you got that reference!

Enjoy your Buds, JLaw! Choosing this as your beer was a weiser move than some other brew!

Just don't enjoy them too much or you'll have to survive the Hungover Games: Retching Fire!

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