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Paula Deen Apologizes For Using Racial Slurs! Watch HERE!

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Paula Deen's image has taken a HUGE hit over the past few days after she came forward and admitted to using the N-word and saying other racial jokes in her restaurant!

But don't worry guys! She's REALLY sorry about it!

The butter-loving cook recently released a statement in response to all of the criticism she's been getting, and not only does she apologize for her remarks, but she LITERALLY begs for forgiveness!

For some reason, she eventually took the video down, but at least she's trying, right??

Check out some clips from the apology for yourself, y'all (above)!

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Cutest Puppy Works HARD For A Treat!

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OMG! That is seriously the cutest lil pupster ever!!

We feel so bad for the little guy though!

He just wants his treat so badly, but he can't get it!

He dances for it, he paws at it but it's always just out of reach!!

He's so crazy cute, we'd give him all the treats in the world.

So, does he end up with the treat?? Or is this the world's cruelest video??

Check out the video (above) to find out!

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Begging Kitty Too Cute For Words!

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How could say "No" to this pleading Kitty?

(Someone heartless, that's who!)

Would you please give this adorable cat some attention so he doesn't have to beg like that?!

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