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Justin Bieber Invites Paul Walker's Daughter To The Believe Film Premiere

Justin Bieber invites Paul Walker's daughter Meadow to Believe premiere

There's nothing like a great movie to lift up your spirits.

…Which we hope is what Paul Walker's daughter Meadow experienced this past Wednesday when the 15-year-old was personally invited by Justin Bieber to attend the L.A. Live premiere of his new movie, Believe.

Apparently the cute teenager is

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Erin Andrews Proves She’s A Belieber! Hear Her Slip Of The Tongue HERE!

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erin andrews interview accidentally says justin bieber name

Deny all day, but we all heard what she said!

Erin Andrews is one of the best sideline reporters out there, but she slipped up during Game 3 of the ALCS when she interviewed Mike Napoli.

She was asking a question about Justin Verlander, but started saying Justin Bieber's name instead!

Immediately, everyone thought she was a Belieber, but she tweeted:

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Justin Bieber Attacked During Night Out At Toronto Club! Find Out What Happened HERE!

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justin bieber attacked during nightclub party

Oh noes, Biebsy!

Our little man was put in some serious danger during a night out in Toronto!

Justin Bieber apparently stepped out for some innocent partying at the Canadian nightclub, but it soon turned into a hot mess when he left the VIP section to hang with the nobodies regular partygoers.

While mingling with his fans, a Directioner non-fan apparently entered the pic, went after him, got hold of his shirt, and

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Justin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin Bieber

Justin Bieber Explodes With Excitement While Meeting Olympic Gold-Medalist Jordyn Wieber!

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justin bieber and jordyn wieber meet each other for the first time

Who knew Jordyn Wieber was such a big belieber?!?! Not us!!

Well the Olympic gold-medalist finally got a a chance to meet Justin Bieber in the flesh and made sure to snap a picture as evidence for her friends!

Jordyn took to Twitter to share the exciting moment and wrote:

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Justin Bieber Gets Shade From Zach Braff In Video With Special Monkey Appearance! Watch It HERE!

justin bieber zach braff vine baby monkey shade

We take it Zach Braff isn't a Belieber??

We're not sure why he'd want to tease the teenager Canadian pop star, but Justin Bieber was served up some serious shade on Zach's latest Vine video!

Maybe he's not a fan of the Biebs' musical skillz or maybe he has a problem with his pet treatment, but whatever the reason, Zach is putting the Biebs on blast…

…well, in a kind of "interpret it how you want" way.

You've gotta see the inneresting video that speaks volumes!

Ch-ch-check it out …AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Justin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin BieberJustin Bieber

Taylor Swift Does NOT Want Selena Gomez Dating Justin Bieber Because She's JEALOUS?!

taylor swift not a belieber selena gomez

If Taylor Swift's tongue-sticking action and her luke warm congratulatory speech directed toward Justin Bieber at this year's Billboard Music Awards is any indication…

The RED cutie is so NOT a Belieber!

Which must be awkward, seeing as her BESTIE Selena Gomez seems to be BLINDED by Bieber fever!

BUT, could one of the driving forces behind Swifty's negative feelings about Justin be because she's JEALOUS?!

One alleged insider reveals:

"Let’s just put it this way: Taylor is not a Belieber. She loves Selena and wants her to be happy but she doesn’t think going back and forth with Justin is the answer. That being said, Taylor’s also a little bit jealous in a weird way.

Taylor is jealous that Selena still has Justin as ‘her person’ to go to, but she’s not jealous of who Selena’s on and off with. She thinks Justin is a brat and that Selena could do way better."

Bieber a brat?! Naaaahhhhh… LOLz!

And yes, it must be annoying for Taylor to hear about Selena's constant back and forth with JB…

But for a girl who never shuts up about her various romances (literally, she's always singing about them), you'd think she'd be a little more understanding, LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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Justin Bieber Speeds Off From The Studio In His White Ferrari! See His Lightning-Fast Ride HERE!

justin bieber white ferrari sighting zoom selena gomez speed racer

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer! He's a demon on wheels!

Cameras caught Justin Bieber exiting a studio and dashing into his shiny white Ferrari this afternoon, but the perfectly proportioned pop-star zoomed away soooo quickly the rest was a blur!!

So why was the Boyfriend singer speeding off in such a hurry? And where was he going?

Was he qualifying for a Formula One race? Or late for a very important date with Selenita?

Maybe the Biebs

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