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Tom Cruise Lives To Spy Another Day! Judge Dismisses $5 Million Wiretapping Lawsuit!

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tom cruise wiretapping case dropped

It looks like Tom Cruise is finally catching a break, as a judge dismissed a $5 million wiretapping lawsuit against the actor.

If this case comes as new to you, it’s probably because it allegedly happened over a decade ago!

Back in 2001, editor of Bold magazine Michael Davis Sapir offered a $500,000 reward for proof that the actor was gay. Tom sued him for $100 million, but the two sides eventually reached a settlement behind closed doors before things got too nasty and everything went back to normal. At least until 2009.

Fast forward 8 years later and Michael turned the tables on Tom and claimed he and his lawyer Bert Fields used their Mission Impossible skills hired a private investigator to spy on him and tap his phones!

It all sounds a bit too crazy to us, but at the end of the day it didn’t matter because the judge threw the case out because the allegations weren’t made within the statute of limitations. For those of you who are a bit rusty on your legal lingo or don’t feel like going to Wikipedia, that basically means Sapir ran out of time!

For now, it looks like Tom's spying abilities are best served for the big screen!

[Image via WENN.]

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Tom Cruise's $50 Million Lawsuit With Life & Style Is Getting Nasty!

tom cruises 50 million lawsuit with life style is getting nasty

This lawsuit sounds like it's gonna go on forever!!

Last year, Tom Cruise filed a $50 million lawsuit against Bauer Media's Life & Style magazine for publishing a story that implied that he ABANDONED his daughter, Suri. And even though the actor didn't want this suit to get out of hand, it most definitely is!!!

Bauer Media has a list of demands that they're seeking, and the company's lawyer Alonzo Wickers didn't hold back on what they want.

Here's the list:

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Tom Cruise Won't Press Charges Against Tased Trespasser

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tom cruise jason sullivan trespassing charges apostrophe

Well that's nice of him!

Remember Jason Sullivan? The Australian model/interior designer who hopped Tom Cruise's gate Sunday night??

Well we hear Tom will not be pressing charges against the fella.

Bert Fields, Tom's attorney, says:

"Tom's not a vindictive guy. The guy was drunk. He didn't have malicious intent."

Not only that, but Beverly Hills police think it's highly likely Jason

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Tom Cruise Is Fighting Back Against The Press! Threatens Legal Action Against Life & Style For Suri Story!


Tom Cruise may be conceding to the demands that Katie Holmes made per their divorce settlement, but he is NOT going to be that easy when it comes to what the media is reporting about him!

As we've reported, the actor has already threatened legal action against The National Enquirer for reporting that he kept his daughter, Suri, locked in a windowless room. Now, he's had his lawyer, Bert Fields, do the exact same for Life & Style, which ran a headlining story that the child has been abandoned by her father!

According to the attorney:

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Tom Cruise's Lawyer: No, Srsly! Scientology Played NO Part In Settlement!

katie holmes tom cruise red carpet marriage divorce settlement

Bert Fields is sooo over the Scientology rumors!

According to the talented attorney, Tom Cruise's religion was not involved in his and Katie Holmes' divorce settlement what-so-ever!

In fact! He just gave a statement, insisting:

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Tom Cruise Sits Back & Lets Katie 'Play The Media!'

katie holmes tom cruise divorce drama

It may look like Katie Holmes has the upperhand in their upcoming divorce battle, but Tom Cruise is crafting something that fits him juuuust fine.

While we continue to hear sources speak on Katie's side of the situation, Tom's legal team is using this to their benefit.

According to attorney Bert Fields:

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Tom Cruise Wants A Peaceful Divorce! Hopes Katie Isn't 'Contentious!'

tom cruise suri katie holmes divorce matters

Blind-sighted Tom Cruise is hoping for a calm divorce… good luck! Ha!

As we've discussed before, Katie Holmes is seeking primary custody of Suri (reportedly because she doesn't want her growing up in Scientology).

While she views Tom as a good father and wants him in Suri's life, Katie is determined to have full-control over how she's raised. And that's exactly why she filed in New York — a non-no fault state.

Still, Tom's attorney, Bert Fields, is hoping for peace in the courtroom, stating:

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