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Bethenny Frankel Has ANOTHER Show Coming To Bravo… But What Does That Mean For Real Housewives of New York?!

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She might be getting her happily ever after after all!

Bethenny Frankel has been the star of eight seasons of reality TV over the course of eight years at Bravo, and it looks like Andy Cohen & Co. aren't anywhere near done with their business relationship.

That's because despite not yet confirming the cast for Real Housewives of New York's upcoming ninth season, the network has already given Queen B her own show!

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While referring to herself as a "successful television producer off-camera" on Fortune Unfiltered with Aaron Task on Monday, Bethenny revealed her plans for a Bethenny Getting Married? Bethenny Ever After… follow-up, saying:

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Did Bethenny Frankel's Therapist CAUSE Her Split From Jason Hoppy?!


We guess that sometimes even licensed professionals know when to say enough is enough!

Sadly, Bethenny Frankel confirmed rumors that she and Jason Hoppy were having marital troubles to be true yesterday when she announced that after two years, the pair was separating!

And now, it appears that the reality starlet was opposed to even going that far…until her therapist, who has made frequent appearances on Bethenny Getting Married and Bethenny Ever After, convinced her that it was necessary to do if she really wanted to ensure their marriage survives long-term!

An insider explains:

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Bethenny's Coming To A City Near You…But WHY?


Hmm….this is inneresting!

The Real Housewives of NYC's Bethenny Frankel is turning in her ice skates so she can instead partake in a live-touring circuit this coming January!

According the announcment:

Join Bethenny Frankel, best-selling author and star of “The Real Housewives of New York” and “Bethenny Getting Married?” for an evening of sass and fabulous fun. America’s favorite “skinnygirl” will dish on life, her work, and her passion for living healthy and living well. Throw on your best pumps for a hilarious and unpredictable evening with Bethenny Frankel!

Okay…but what is it, bb?

Stand-up comedy? A speaking engagement? We're confused as to what she'll be doing!

Oh well! For a list of cities and dates, click AFTER THE JUMP!

Best of luck with whatever it is that you're doing, bb!


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Bethenny Vs Her Momma!

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bethenny frankel mother speaks on hard childhood denies all bethenny says

In a recent interview, Bravo reality star Bethenny Frankel gave in-depth insight into her "wild" past. Now, her mother is refuting it all!

While Bethenny painted a picture of a destructive childhood, filled with "alcohol abuse, eating disorders and violent fights" and a mother who was never around, Bernadette Birk tells sources that her daughter is lying and that she in no way came from a "broken home."

Truth is, fans of the Real Housewives of New York don't really know too much about her past as she rarely talks about it. Most of her career, she has embraced her friends and her new hubby's parents as her fam. But Bernadette wants to clear up a few of the facts that Bethenny supposedly altered in her interview, starting with the role of Bethenny's father in their lives. Bernadette reveals:

"She did not come from a broken home and her father did not leave her at 4 years old. I left her father when she was 2 years old and he did not support us with one penny, no alimony…She went to visit her father for the first time at 15 years old. It was the same time she is now claiming she started drinking and doing drugs. I was never aware she was doing this. Even though she is bad mouthing her father she was always after his affection."

Every little girl wants to be loved by their daddy! We can't fault her for that! But as for the other stuff, we'd think you've have to be pretty oblivious not to see drastic weight loss on your child or realize when they are as high as a kite! So, one of you is clearly lying - we're just not so sure which of you it is yet.

But seeing as Bethenny has more to lose, we're going with momma. After she told the story of the last time she spoke to her daughter, we have a feeling that money and possessions mean a bit more to her than her child. Bernadette explains:

"The last time I spoke to her was 10 years ago when she borrowed my car and then demolished it and she left it in her boyfriend's lot and it got stripped. I called her to tell her and she started yelling at me and hung up… and we have never spoken since."

A rough patch, we're sure! Look at the life she has built for herself! That kind of ambition can't be ignored.

Plus, it's hard to believe a daughter wouldn't want a relationship with her mother…or that mother would hold off on rekindling a relationship until there is something in it for her.


[Image via WENN.]

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Bethenny Frankel's Spin-Off Gets Renewed For Second Season!


This is probably for the best - she comes off as a hell of a lot more likable on this than the Real Housewives!

Bethenny Frankel's spin-off reality series, Bethenny Getting Married? has reportedly been renewed for a second season, and starts production in NYC this week!

We wonder what will become of the show's title! Bethenny Getting Married Again For More Publicity? Or perhaps Bethenny Getting Stalked By Pyschotic Kelly Bensimon?

Whatevs - half the fun of this show is watching her amazingly chill - and gay-faced - husband, Jason Hoppy, take all of her OCD crazy in stride, so as long as he's still around, we'll take it!

What do U think?? What should the title of Bethenny's second season be??

[Image via WENN.]

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After All That Hype?

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And they get creamed by Bethenny??

Bravo's The Real Housewives of D.C. premiere only snagged 1.6 million viewers, while over 1.8 million people tuned in to Bethenny Getting Married.

Maybe that bitch hugely unpopular Michaele Salahi was a poor choice?

What do U think?

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Bethenny Frankel Wants To Keep It All About Her, Won't Return To Real Housewives!

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Now that awful hack Bethenny Frankel has famewhored herself into her own spin-off series from The Real Housewives of NYC, she's faaar too busy jerking herself off to consider doing another season of the reality show that cursed her into our existence!

She screeches:

“I don’t see myself going back to The Real Housewives the way that the cast is now. [Bethenny Getting Married?] has been so well received, everyone loves it and it’s really all about me, so that takes a big weight off of my shoulders because I guess I can carry a show."

Yeah, we'll see how long those ratings stick, bb. We can't imagine the world will be able to tolerate something 'all about you' for too much longer!

And what will next season be called?? Bethenny Getting Divorced From Her Gay Husband? Or maybe just Bethenny Getting Canceled?

Bwa ha ha.

[Image via AP Images.]

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