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Lindsay Lohan Left High & Dry As Family Counseling Gets Canceled?!

lindsay lohan family counseling weekend canceled

Well, this might be good news?

We mean, considering her dramz-filled family, it could be good for Lindsay Lohan to just not include them in - well - anything.

We told you all about Michael and Dina Lohan getting into yet another fight while trying to resolve some serious issue on the show The Test.

And go figure, it caused more damage!

It seems the ongoing battle between the parents of the year not exactly perfect parents got so bad that LiLo's family counseling weekend with them at Betty Ford has been canceled.

Michael admitted he's not looking to make matters worse (for once!) as he said:

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Lindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan's Mommy And Daddy Blow Up In Brutal Battle Of Words!

michael lohan dina lohan the test fight

So much for mending fences!!!

Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan were just spotted being friendly over dinner last night, but the short-lived truce has already come to an abrupt end.

It all went down on Thursday when Lindsay Lohan's dramatically divorced parents were appropriately taping a segment for conflict resolution talk show, The Test, when the bloody battle began!

Things were fine and dandy until the equally opinionated parentals started

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Lindsay Lohan Tried To Score Drugs In Rehab By Inviting Her Old Drug Dealer To Visit?!

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tumblr mm5kfdlqzf1rrfdcuo1 500

Holy speed ballz is Lindsay Lohan trying to score DRUGS while in rehab?!

We've heard the starlet is going crazy without her Adderall, but it seems she could be craving something a little more potent as new reports claim the former child star invited her old friend/drug dealer to visit her at Betty Ford.

One source alleges:

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Lindsay Lohan's Latest Rehab MESS!

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She's like a broken record!

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Lindsay Lohan Desperate To Get Out Of Rehab So She Can Take Adderall Again!

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Really, we thought it would be so she can start brushing her hair again!!

But maybe that requires a heavy dose of Adderall for LiLo.

Apparently Lindsay Lohan’s love for Adderall is more than her love for any man, despite what you may be led to believe watching her eHarmony video, LOLz!!

A source claims that:

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Lindsay Lohan No Longer Has The Energy To Even Brush Her Hair Without Adderall?!

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lindsay lohan tried haggard at rehab no adderall

Damn, times must be rough for Lindsay Lohan!

When you've lost all ability to even run a brush through your hair a couple times, shizz ain't good.

And apparently LiLo has hit that rock bottom now that her precious, sweet Adderall has been taken away during her stint at Betty Ford.

We already knew our little rehab luvah hater didn't want to check in for starters, but once her everyday drug went bye-bye, apparently LiLo fell apart at the seams. And not in a pretty, graceful way!

An insider revealed just how much she's hurting at rehab:

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Lindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay LohanLindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Rejects Brooke Mueller's Friendly Advances At Rehab, Reportedly Calls Her A Drug Addict!!!


Lindsay Lohan could probably use a friend at rehab, especially since she’s had very few visitors and she’s stuck there for the next few months!!

But despite Brooke Mueller’s attempts to become bestiez with the red-headed star, it sounds like Lindsay wants nothing to do with Charlie Sheen’s ex. She even calls her a “drug addict”–which sounds a little hypocritical, no??

Reportedly, it’s:

“…creeping Lindsay out that Brooke seeks her out nightly at the meetings in an attempt to strike up a friendship. Brooke is extremely eager to become besties with Lindsay while in rehab, and has told Lindsay how much they have in common. Lindsay has said that Brooke is a drug addict, and wants nothing to do with her. Lindsay has told her treatment team to keep Brooke out of her group sessions.”


But maybe LiLo’s dismissiveness is called for, because apparently Brooke is only interested in fame. Supposedly, the only reason Brooke checked herself into rehab to begin with was to try and win Lindsay’s friendship!!

A source said:

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