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Claire Danes Gets International In Homeland Peek!

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Carrie Mathison is going DEEP undercover… watch out Sergeant Brody, she's a-comin' for ya!

Claire Danes' Emmy nominated, Golden Globe winning show Homeland explodes its second season all over Showtime September 30th, and we can't wait to go adventuring after suspected terrorists with our favorite bi-polar CIA agent!

Check out the show's harrowing new trailer (above)!

If you have yet to expose yourself to Homeland, but are a fan of mystery, suspense, clever dialogue, complex characters and all around quality television, then go binge-view season one RIGHT NOW to ready yourself for the show's seemingly epic sophomore season!

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Demi Lovato Explains Why She Used To Cut Herself

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Demi Self Magazine Cutting

While Demi Lovato has been pretty candid about her struggles with emotional and physical issues in the past, one thing she’s recently opened up about is her self-harming.

As you may remember, the young starlet checked into treatment in late 2010 and has since been using her star power as a platform to raise awareness on such issues.

In August’s issue of Self magazine, Demi talks about why she used to cut herself, explaining:

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Catherine Zeta Jones May Star In Bipolar Disorder Documentary


We think it's a good idea, so long as she gets the help she needs to deal with it first.

Reportedly, Catherine Zeta Jones has been approached to take part in a documentary that documents the struggles of living with bipolar disorder. She apparently is "very interested in the idea" and has "long had the intention of turning her hand to film making and this is something she feels passionate about.”

Helping to bring awareness to the disease is very important, but first she must come to terms with it herself. Right now, it's too soon, at least we think.

Take this much needed break, Cat. Take care of yourself. Then, you'll have all the time and strength you'll need to help others…and we'll applaud you every step of the way!

[Image via WENN.]

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Demi Lovato Suffers From Bi-Polar Disorder , She Reveals

Demi Lovato Suffers From Bi-Polar Disorder

Demi Lovato has spent the last three months in a residential treatment center, and is finally ready to open up about what she was there for.

Said Demi:

"I never found out until I went into treatment that I was bipolar. Looking back it makes sense. There were times when I was so manic, I was writing seven songs in one night and I'd be up until 5:30 in the morning."

"I feel like I am in control now where my whole life I wasn't in control," she added.

Demi says that she wants to help others who suffer the same affliction, now that she knows how to deal with it.

So inspiring!

[Image via WENN.]

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The Never-Ending Ranting Of Charlie Sheen

This is the song tirade that doesn't end!!!!

Charlie Sheen hasn't shut up in weeks and we don't see any end in sight. With his show officially cancelled for the season and any contractual obligation to keep his trap shut out the window, Charlie is opening up to ANYONE who will listen to the insane dribble that pours from his lips.

And just when you think you've heard it all, more verbal gems start flying!

Like this morning, on Good Morning America. The nation woke up to hear Charlie share his unique , uh, outlook on life. This is as candid aN interview as it gets and if you're looking to see Charlie in rare crayzay form, than this interview is for you!

Check out the video (above) to hear Charlie explain how he is not from this "terrestrial realm," how he isn't bi-polar so much as he is "bi-winning" and how dying is for fools.

Oh, and apparently Mel Gibson has reached out to him. Seems like its done him a world of good.

If you take nothing away from this interview, we hope you take away this nugget of Charlie clairty:

"Can't is the cancer of happen."

Yep, sure is. (WTF???)

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Conan's Stalker Priest Speaks Out!

Check out the video (above) to see why Conan MAY want to have some extra security at his show when it premieres on Monday, Nov 8.

He's PROBABLY not violent, but how would you feel if there was a bi-polar Catholic priest writing you frightening letters and attending your show in hopes of receiving special treatment?

Just sayin'!

Do U think Conan should be fearful of Catholic stalker-priest David Ajemian? Or do U think he's harmless?

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