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Jon Lovitz Takes On Middle School Bigots Responsible For Vandalizing Friend's House

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Way to go, Jon Lovitz!!

The actor/comedian took on three middle school bullies who vandalized his friend's home in Northridge, California.

After the three cowards left dog feces and drew swastikas with the word "Jew" in maple syrup on his friend's porch, Jon tweeted the (below) Twitpic.

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Rush Limbaugh Has Lost Over 100 Advertisers Since Calling Law Student A "Slut!" Syndicator Suspends National Ads!


The fallout for Rush Limbaugh's recent comments that a Georgetown law student and contraception activist Sandra Fluke was a "slut" and a "prostitute" for testifying before Congress about the health benefits of birth control pills is still going strong, and now, his syndicator, Premiere Networks, has withdrawn its national advertising spots from his talk show for two weeks!

According to an internal memo:

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Bill O'Reilly Has Temper Tantrum Over Proposition 8 Ruling On His Show!

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So much for all those brownie points he scored with us for defending Ellen!

Listening to this man try to justify his blatant disregard for equal rights and disgusting bigotry is truly nauseating.

After the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals issued its ruling yesterday that the 2008 ban on gay marriage in California "serves no purpose, and has no effect, other than to lessen the status and human dignity of gays and lesbians in California," and was therefore unconstitutional, Bill O'Reilly essentially took to his show last night to cry, stomp his feet and call the ruling "judicial activism!"

Check out the sickening clip (above)!

Oh that's right! Because it's justice until the court system rules something with which you disagree - then it's just activism!

Frankly, his behavior is, if nothing else, just completely embarrassing, and if he thinks anyone with a brain in their heads is fooled into the thinking that the nonsense he's spewing is an actual, educated argument and not hiding his obvious hatred for the LGBT community, then he's dumber than we thought he was - which is truly a feat in itself!

Maybe you should spend less time worrying about the state of marriage in America today and more on why your own failed!

Just saying!

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Rick Santorum's Ignorant Anti-Gay Marriage Stance Shut Down By Fierce College Girl!

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Oh man! THREE CHEERS for this fierce college girl for standing up for what's RIGHT!

At a recent visit to Penn State, Rick Santorum apparently decided to defend himself against Piers Morgan's accusations that he's a bigot by essentially saying things about gay marriage that anyone with a brain in their head would define as bigotry - i.e., the usual right wing, intolerant garbage that it will undermine the sanctity of marriage that the Catholic church preaches, you know, DESPITE THE FACT THAT THERE IS SUPPOSED TO BE A SEPARATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE!

Anybigot, one HARDCORE, amazing student in particular decides to beat him at his own moronic game, by explaining that the American Psychology Association, among other scientific groups, have discovered none of his points to be true, and well, we'll just let you watch the rest for yourself!

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

Yes, Rick Santorum, because an ancient text that's been translated and re-interpreted for centuries obviously knows more than today's leading doctors and scientists! Thank goodness you are able to clear that up for us!

Again, mad props to the young lady who was brave enough to stand up to his nonsense!

Now can we please get a Republican candidate who can actually argue a legitimate reason that gay marriage shouldn't happen, and you know, not instead get schooled by a college student in law, politics, and EQUAL RIGHTS, all of which this fool wants to represent for the American public?

K! Thanks!

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More Words Of Bigoted Douchery Wisdom From Rick Santorum

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Here he goes again! He's just a WEALTH of ignorance and right wing bull shiz, isn't he?!

Former U.S. senator Rick Santorum just loooooves running his mouth off about the sanctity of marriage and why it's somehow negatively affected by giving homosexuals the same rights as everyone else, and once again spoke out about the issue last night during an appearance in Iowa with the following gem:

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