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Monica Lewinsky Sex Tape May Be Leaked! Slick Willie Might Not Have Been So Slick!

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bill clinton1

Slick Willie might make us sick though!

It's been reported that The National Enquirer has a copy of a cassette tape made by Monica Lewinsky to Bill Clinton at the apex of the affair that shook Bubba's bed the nation.

On this alleged tape, Monica tries to let the Leader of the Free World know that she's up all night to get some:

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Diane Lane Is Stepping Into Hillary Clinton's Shoes For NBC!

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diane lane hillary clinton playing in nbc miniseries

Those are some big, powerful shoes to fill!

But we're feeling pretty confident Diane Lane can get the job done.

NBC just announced that she'll be rocking the role of a lifetime in a Hillary Clinton miniseries the network is putting out and hoping to air before Hillary might announce her run for president in 2016.

Hillary possibly running and Diane starring as her on TV? Now THAT is major!

The actor playing Bill Clinton has not yet been cast, but to play opposite Diane it'll have to be someone AH-Mazing!

From what we hear there will be plenty of time to find the right man because the script isn't even complete.

It may be only partially done, but we're already totes stoked!

Do U think Diane will pull it off?

[Images via WENN.]

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Hillary ClintonHillary ClintonHillary ClintonHillary ClintonHillary Clinton

Bill Clinton Sings Blurred Lines By Robin Thicke In Parody Mash-Up! Watch HERE!

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bill clinton

Bill Clinton "knows you want it" and by "it," we mean "him singing about some some good girls in an Arkansas drawl!"

The YouTube channel BarackDubs, known for arranging snippets of President Obama's speeches into song form, has taken clips from Bill's orations and mashed them up into a HIGHlarious musical performance of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines.

Well, if any former President knows about "blurred lines" with "good girls," it's Bubba himself!

Oh, did we mention that this video was released online on Monica Lewinsky's 40th birthday? Cough.

Nice work BarackDubs! Maybe next we can see Anthony Weiner sing Get Lucky by Daft Punk?

Ch-ch-check out the presidential video…AFTER THE JUMP!

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Justin Bieber Takes On Another Mop Bucket! Watch Video HERE!

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Oh no! It's Justin Bieber vs. a mop bucket, round 2! Will the Biebs be able to resist the pee sequel?

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) that Justin shared with Instagram on Thursday to find out!

Yes! He doesn't even stop to consider that he's using the bucket in an inappropriate way, because he's too busy laughing at his buddy for tripping over it!

He tweeted:

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Justin Bieber Is Addicted To Bad Choices!

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We have given up on him!

Have YOU?

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Justin Bieber’s Public Piss Pisses Off The Nutty Madam! Watch Her Online Web Rant HERE!!!

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nutty madam bieber

The Nutty Madam might be a Twi-hard, but she is DEF not a Belieber anymore!!!

The Biebs has displayed some bad behavior of late, and while Bill Clinton may have forgiven him, the Nutty Madam says she is STILL “so f***king angry”!!!

In a video she posted yesterday titled “F**K YOU JUSTIN BIEBER,” the batty Brit declares that any respect she had for the Biebs has “just gone out the window” even though she admits she likes a couple of his songs.

But ONLY ”the ones with less lyrics and more music.”


Ch-ch-check out the vid for more of the Nutty Madam’s opinions on Justin’s friends, his lack of swagger, and his mom (below)!

[Images via YouTube and Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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Justin Bieber And Bill Clinton Have A Heart-To-Heart Following Bucket Piss And Diss!

justin bieber bill clinton apology advice after bucket peeing incident

Justin Bieber didn't just take a piss in some poor janitor's bucket. He also slung a few drops on one of our great world leaders!

So how did Bill Clinton react to Justin's offhand diss? He was a as cool as playing sax on Arsenio! In fact, he was downright genial about it!

According to an inside source, the Biebs apologized to the former President personally, and the two had a nice little heart-to-heart. From what we hear, Bill not only forgave but even passed on a little advice, prompting Justin to tweet:

So what did the EX-POTUS say? According to

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