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Bill Gates Pledges $750 Million Into AIDs Fund!

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Bill Gates 750 Million AIDS

Now THAT'S philanthropy!

Bill Gates just pledged a further $750 million into the troubled global AIDS fund!

Even though that's basically pocket change for him, we're pretty staggered by his commitment to helping others:

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Steve Jobs Biography To Become Year's Best Seller! Talks About Bill Gates, Google, And LSD!!

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Steve Jobs Biography

Much like the products Steve Jobs designed, the story of his life is debuting with crazy high demand. The Walter Isaacson authorized biography includes MANY personal details of the genius' life.

Details including his raw thoughts on Bill Gates as a man who "shamelessly ripped off other people’s ideas," how Google committed "wholesale theft" with the Android, and how taking the drug LSD was a "profound" experience and "one of the most important things in [his] life."

Oooh! Juicy!! We can't read wait to read it! It'll be like going back in a time machine to be a fly on the wall in Steve's brain!!

Have U already bought yours???

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TNT Will Air Pirates of Silicon Valley Tonight In Honor Of Steve Jobs

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If you've never seen this movie before, it's worth the watch - or at least the space on your DVR.

Tonight, TNT will air the Pirates of Silicon Valley, the 1999 Emmy-nomiated telefilm about the late co-founder Steve Jobs. The network will air back-to-back broadcasts, which stars Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs, Anthony Michael Hall as Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Joey Slotnick as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. It's a great watch for anyone who isn't familiar with the early days of Steve and the Apple company.

Upon hearing the news of Steve's passing, Noah issued this statement, saying:

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The World Responds To Steve Jobs' Death

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more on steve jobs rip

There is NO doubt that his legacy will live on.

Yesterday, we were deeply saddened to report that Apple's former CEO/mastermind Steve Jobs lost the battle to pancreatic cancer at 56 years old.

Now, LOTS of people have opened up about Steve's passing, and we're pleased to see all the love and support.

Here's what President Barack Obama had to say about it:

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Bill Gates Says Goodbye To Microsoft Shares…Millions At A Time!

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bill gates sells millions of shares of microsoft

What's the deal, Bill? You ready to make the move to Mac???

Bill Gates has been selling off Microsoft shares by the millions, which is likely to make investors in the company pret-ty concerned.

Regulatory docs show that Gates sold 5 million shares on Feb 3, and ANOTHER 5 million on Feb 2!

According to SEC records, Bill has sold 90 million shares in the past year! At the moment, he holds 591 million shares, which equals around 7% of 8.4 billion total, and he continues to be the "largest single stockholder"…for now.

Microsoft officials have said that Gates is selling off Microsoft shares and investing elsewhere in an effort to diversify his holdings.

Is it just us, or does it sounds like Bill Gates has lost some confidence in Microsoft?

We suppose we can't blame him. If this were 1995, we'd be shocked, but times are changing and Microsoft shares just ain't what they used to be!


[Image via WENN.]

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Bill Gates Comments On Egypt's Internet Shutdown

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To quote Katie Couric in this interview, the Internet has become the "epicenter of our lives." Someone who helped it get to that point is Bill Gates.

That's why Katie invited him on her online video series to talk about Egypt's President Mubarak pulling the plug on the Internet on the entire country.

Check out the video (above) to hear Bill talk about Mubarak's decision and how it proves he's "afraid of the truth" his country will find on the World Wide Web.

Well said!

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Spend Your Sunday Mornings With The Rev. Al Sharpton!

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The Rev. Al Sharpton is coming to TV with his own show! Our only question is: what took him so long?

Tomorrow, at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 40th Annual Legislative Conference, the good reverend will officially announce the launch of his Sunday-morning syndicated TV show called Education Superhighway.

Cleared for 150 markets, the 30-minute show will be in the vein of other roundtable and news discussion programs, but focus primarily on education. Sharpton's production company, ESH Holding, has already lined up some interesting guests, including the Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Bill Gates.

Interesting. If he can garner guests like that with consistency, there might actually be an audience for this.

Would U tune in to Rev. Al's show?

[Image via WENN.]

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