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FrankenTittays Is Ignoring Her Ailing Father!

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She truly is a monster!

While Heidi Montag is going another round of "Who's The Biggest Desperate Fame-Whore?" with Spencer Pratt, her father, Bill Montag, has been fighting off a nasty bacterial infection.

What's worse is that despite the separation from Spencer, Heidi has yet to pick up the phone and call her dad to see how he is. For several months, she has ignored her father and now, Bill is hoping she might reach out to him in his time of need. Bill says:

“I have been feeling pretty low. I have a bacterial infection and I’m going to see a doctor. Heidi has not been in touch with me since I got sick.”

Ugh! We'd feel bad for the guy, except clearly he is using the absence of his quasi-famous daughter to get his own attention from the media.

Now we see where she gets it from.

Like father, like daughter.

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What Is Heidi's Dad Smoking??

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It must be some good shiz if this is what he really thinks!

Heidi Montag's dad Bill doesn't believe that Spencer Pratt is a bad influence on his daughter! He says:

"Heidi is such a strong-willed individual that I don't think that Spencer is going to manipulate her. Also I think she knows, and so does Spencer: if I thought my daughter was in any harm's way with Spencer, I would be there.

"I think that they'll realize… there are people that love them and care for them and friends and family," he says. "I pray for them to find peace and happiness. They're not going to find it in crystals and light and all this stuff I've read about."

Bill can't even reach his daughter because she changed her number and they haven't been in touch since March! He says of his daughter's 10 plastic surgery procedures:

"Heidi always looked like me, and [her sister] Holly looks like her mom. I remember Heidi saying in a magazine once that she didn't want my nose, so I gave her grief! We don't always approve of everything our children do, but we support them and we're there for them.

"She doesn't need a lecture about the whole thing. I'm not sure she's 100 percent happy with what she did or not. I don't know. But the only thing I can say is we're there and we're her family. She and I were very close before this whole thing happened."

So maybe Spencer IS a bad influence — how else can you explain her cutting off communication with you if you were "very close?"

Bill wants to see his daughter again and he says, "Hopefully they won't call the police on me."


[Image via WENN.]

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Montag Fallout! Heidi's Dad Speaks

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Bill Montag, Heidi Montag’s father, is as baffled as the rest of us over what happened yesterday with Heidi and her mom Darlene and is giving his two cents on the whole nonsense.

Bill admits to speaking with Darlene right before she left to come to Cali. She told him that she was visiting to "to do some filming for [The Hills]" and "to find out exactly what was happening with our daughter."

As we all know from yesterday, what she found was the shell of her daughter, filled with even more extreme stupidity and naivety than before!

In regard to Heidi and Spencer calling the cops on Darlene when she showed up to the house, Bill says:

"Why would they call the police on Heidi’s mom, she is not a threat, it makes absolutely no sense, they need to show more respect. My daughter used to phone me several times a week but we have not spoken since my birthday…Heidi is my baby and I love her but I don’t understand what is happening right now. It is not normal behavior."

It sure isn't! We're just as taken aback by these shenanigans of Heidi's.

We just hope that some of these words are sinking in for Heidi. Her parents love her and want what is best for her. Being shacked up in a hole with Spencer is not that!

Let them help you, bb! They might be the only ones who will!

[Image via WENN.]

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