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Are Sutures A Thing Of The Past? Check Out The Medical Breakthrough That Can Change Surgery Forever!

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sutures may be replaced by new medical breakthrough

It looks like the days of getting poked with a needle after surgery might be long gone!

Researchers at the University of Maryland may have developed a new alternative to sutures and stitches which would require nothing more than applying a material directly to an incision!

Not only does this new material hold the skin together, but it also protects the

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Michael Bolton Gets In Touch With Nature With Tidy Cats And Funny Or Die!

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Cedar, Pine, and Corn…coming to a litter box near you!!!

Michael Bolton doesn't want to perform but with the help of cats a folk group, the true meaning of nature comes to him!

Well…for only about 45 minutes…then the real world (and real ladies!) come calling!

The video is in support of Tidy Cats' 99 percent eco friendly kitty litter, which has (as you prolly already guessed) cedar, pine and corn, all natural and biodegradable ingredients.

So not only can your cat poop in comfort…it's good for the environment too!


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Puma's Biodegradable Collection Will Launch Early Next Year!


Smart move Puma! People love helping the Earth!

Puma, who is often touted by the UN for their emphasis on helping the environment, has decided their new collection will be biodegradable!

Scheduled to be released in early 2013, each of the collection's 22 pieces can be returned to the store after they’re no longer useful and Puma will properly dispose of them.

Franz Koch, a chief exec at Puma explained why this, as he put it, "mega-trend" is important, stating

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USDA Introducing “Biobased” Labels

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USDA Introducing “Biobased” Labels

The USDA is introducing a new label that will help everyone be more environmentally friendly. It will be placed on products like water bottles and grocery bags and inform consumers if the bottles are made of bio-based ingredients that decompose instead of require recycling.

Most of the products that decompose are made of corn instead of the chemicals regular plastic contains.

This is fabulous! We DEFINITELY support this!

[Image via AP Images.]

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New Biodegradable Water Bottle

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New Biodegradable Water Bottle

In case you haven’t heard yet, those water bottles you (hopefully don’t) drink out of are EXTREMELY wasteful and bad for the environment!

That’s why the Canadian company Redleaf Water has introduced a fully biodegradable water bottle that will decompose naturally.

While it is possible to recycle normal water bottles research shows that recycling rates are at less than 25%, which means that 75% of water bottles end up in a landfill!

The best option by far is to buy a reusable water bottle and fill it with water before you leave the house, but there are instances where that won’t work — such as emergencies where water is cut off.

The bottom line is this: STOP using plastic water bottles! Take responsiblity for your actions and their impact on the environment!

[Image via Redleaf Water.]

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Sun Chips Pulls 100% Biodegradable Bag For Being Too Loud

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Sun Chips recently introduced an amazing new improvement to their product — a 100% biodegradable bag (the most environmentally safe chip-bag on the market). There was one minor drawback to the new bag — it was louder than the standard chip bag. This caused some customers to complain and Sun Chips' sales to decrease steadily over the year.

And so, like any giant corporation obsessed with sales numbers, they recalled the new bag for 5 out of 6 of their flavors.

"We chose to respond to the consumer feedback but still want to show that we are committed to this thing," spokesman Chris Kuechenmeister said.

This is so dumb, and the customers are mostly to blame!

We have to make sacrifices to help sustain our environment, and eating your chips out of a bag that’s a little louder than other bags is maybe the easiest sacrifice ever!

Sun Chip’s parent company Frito-Lay is working to make the bag quieter and re-release it on a future date.

We cannot believe how stupid this is! A corporation goes out of its way to make an environmentally friendly product and we reject it for something as simple as it being to loud?! WTF!

[Image via AP Images.]

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