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"Burger King Baby" Reunited With Her Biological Mom With A Side Of Hugs! Find Out The End Of The Story 27 Years In The Making!

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Looks like this story that begins with a woman crowning, and then going to the fast food place with the crown, has a happy ending!

We reported earlier how 27-year old Katheryn Deprill used Facebook as a means to find her biological mom who had left her as a newborn in a bathroom of a Burger King.

Well, thank you social media, because a woman came forward and contacted Katheryn's attorney, who arranged for them to meet, a rendez-vous that was "pure joy" to Katheryn.

According to Katheryn, her biological mom is almost a mirror image of her:

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Demi Lovato Is Already Talking Babies! Find Out What She Says HERE!

demi lovato says her instinct is to have babies early

Are babies in this young lady's immediate future???

Demi Lovato is only 21 years old but the star says sometimes she feels like she should be having babies!

Or at least that's her instinct!

She recently told Latina magazine (which you can get details about the lovely cover HERE) that kids were a definite thing in the very near future! In fact, she said:

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Jessica Chastain Refuses To Acknowledge Her Biological Dad


Jessica Chastain is one heck of an actress, but she's got some serious family drama!

Her biological father Michael Monasterio passed away recently, someone she never knew or ever wanted to know!

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Elton John Is The Biological Father Of Baby Zachary!

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Well, that answers that question!

Although it was initially unclear as to whether or not Elton John or his husband, David Furnish, was the biological father of their new baby boy, Zachary - who was born to a surrogate mother - the child's birth certificate now reveals that the singer, in fact, is the official dad!

A source explains:

"Elton really wanted the child to have his genes. He has a god-given talent and wanted to pass that one to a child. And after years of discussion and thought, Elton and David decided together that Elton's sperm would be used. As the little boy grows it will become obvious that Elton is the biological dad. Elton has already purchased a $2 million adjoining apartment in Los Angeles to turn into the perfect nursery. Elton's son already has four round-the-clock nannies and his own chef. This little boy is going to want for nothing except a mom."

Just wonderful! And we're so thrilled that they gave the matter some thought and discussion before making their decision!

Not that it matters!

That little boy is going to grow up with so much love from his dads!

Congratulations again, you guys!

[Image via WENN.]

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