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Truth Behind The Brooklyn Bridge Sea Monster

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Sea Monster Found Under The Brooklyn Bridge!


Yesterday, a sea monster was found under the Brooklyn Bridge.

We are very sad to report that sea monster found between the burrows was…. not actually a "sea monster".

Kim Durham, a rescue program director and biologist for the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation in Riverhead, N.Y., checked out the decomposing creature and knew right away what it was:

"We could tell it was an Atlantic sturgeon right away. They have bony plates all over their bodies. There's no mistaking a sturgeon."

Well, that's not as fun!

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a 1995 study found that there were about 9,500 juvenile Atlantic sturgeons in the Hudson River — so they're not even rare!


We still haven't given up on unicorns and mermaids!

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San Jose City Hall Falcon Dies Before She Learned How To Fly

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San Jose City Hall Falcon Dies Before She Learned How To Fly

There is sad news from city hall.

The famous family of falcons that reside on the ledges of San Jose City Hall have suffered a loss today.

Unita, the only female falcon to be born earlier this year on the 18th floor ledge of City Hall, has died.

She was 40 days old.

"It takes equal measures of luck, skill and strength to survive out there," said Glenn Stewart, a biologist with the UC Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group, who monitors the peregrine falcons born in the Bay Area. "This was purely bad luck."

Unita is survived by her three brothers: Hermes, Shadow and Ahote, and her parents, Clara and Esteban Colbert.

To mourn with the family click HERE and see them on live video stream.


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First Crocodile Attack In Florida's History!

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crocodile attack in florida


A young couple have become the first people ever in Florida to have been attacked by a crocodile.

Mike Gregory, 23, and Leigha Poulson, 20, who miraculously escaped with minor injuries, were kayaking in the early morning in the Florida Keys after a night out partying, when they were flipped into the water.

As they struggled to get back inside the kayak, they were both bitten on the leg by a crocodile, with Poulson also suffering scratch marks to her side.

While alligators are a fairly common danger in Florida, no one is thought to have been attacked before in the state by the elusive American crocodile.

Officials have yet to confirm the details of the attack, but the couple are convinced it was a crocodile that bit them and the claims have been backed by a top university biologist.

Poulson, who recently moved to from Ohio to study marine biology at Florida Keys Community College, added:

"I was saying how pretty it was out there and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else because I am from Ohio and then the boat just flipped. Then I was screaming 'Oh my God!"

Welcome to Florida Leigha! Wanna change your major?

[Image via WENN.]

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Just Released: Official Dolphin Tale Trailer

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Looks Cute!

A Dolphin Tale is the story of a young boy who finds an injured dolphin and is able to get his parents and various vets and marine biologists to help him save the creature.

Film stars Harry Connick Jr, Morgan Freeman, and Ashley Judd and (lame title aside) looks purdy good!

Check it out!

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New Species Of Stingrays Discovered in the Amazon

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 New 'Pancake' Stingrays Discovered in the Amazon

Two new types of freshwater stingrays have been discovered the Amazon.

Both stingrays have been nick-named "pancake" stingrays - cause they pancakes with noses.

Biologists say the two "pancake" species belong to the first new stingray genus found in the Amazon region in more than two decades.

The team's work in the Upper Amazon confirmed the new genus, Heliotrygon, and the two new species, Heliotrygon gomesi and Heliotrygon rosai (and you can learn how to pronounce that yourself).

Besides their pancake-like appearance, both rays are big, have slits on their bellies and a tiny spine on their tails.

"The most important thing this discovery tells us is that there are quite likely to be other large fishes in the Amazon yet to be discovered and described,"

said one biologist. Adding,

"Our understanding of the biodiversity of this region is not complete by any stretch of the imagination."

Photo Credit: Ken Jones

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