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Johnny Weir Charged In A Domestic Dispute After He BIT His Husband! Say WHAT?!

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johnny weir accused of biting husband domestic dispute

Considering he just worked the red carpet at the Oscars after being a commentator at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, we'd have to say things are going pretty well for Johnny Weir lately!

But apparently the former figure skater has some legal drama he's been keeping under wraps for the past month or so!!

Before he took off for Russia, Johnny was allegedly involved in

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Emma Roberts Arrested After Allegedly Beating Up Her Famous Boyfriend In Canada!

emma roberts arrested alleged domestic violence evan peters actor montreal julia roberts

Ugh! More sad news from a Canadian hotel room!

Emma Roberts was arrested after allegedly bloodying up her boyfriend's nose in Montreal!!!

Niece of megastar Julia Roberts, and daughter to actor Eric Roberts, the 22-year-old actress was taken into custody earlier this month when cops were called to investigate what seems to have been a hotel room quarrel.

When police arrived, they apparently found her boyfriend, American Horror Story star Evan Peters, with a bloody nose and bite marks.

Emma was arrested on the spot, but soon released because

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Teen Mom Farrah Abraham Resisted Arrest With Her Teeth!!!

farrah abraham resisted arrest fought cops and cop car

Farrah Abraham fought the law, and the law won. But she did get in a few good bites!

The Teen Mom star was arrested for DUI on Tuesday, and according to police reports, she did not go quietly!

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Insurers Fork Over Nearly Half A BILLION Bucks In Dog Bites A Year!

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Insurance companies do not like dogs…

At least not OTHER peoples' dogs!

In 2011, insurance companies paid a whopping

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Drunken Teenager Bites Mom and DOG In Fight

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Wow…this is just too much to handle.

19-year old Analise Garner came home after an (underage) drunken night of partying and her mama was fuming to say the least.

The 37 year old mom got into fisticuffs with her daughter and even the poor family bulldog got into the mix.

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Soccer Goalkeeper BITES Another Player! On the Face!

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This is definitely not a sign of sportsmanship.

In a soccer match between Argentinian clubs Recreativo Estrellas and DM Kart, a goalkeeper steps way out of line.

A DM Kart player crosses the ball for a header by Nicolas Cardinal.

Gabriel Orozco punches the ball over the crossbar. This is good.

He then grabs Cardinal and BITES his face! This is bad. Really bad.

Cardinal goes down in pain and the ref ejects Orozco.

Check out the video and see what happens

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A "Real" Vampire Starts Biting Amok In A Convenience Store

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See! This is just what Edward Cullen was talking about! (Sorry. Twilight on the brain. Only 5 more days!!!)

There is a "vampire bandit" on the lose in Denver and last night, she made two unsespecting folks in a convenience store her victims. Of, if you'd rather, her dessert!

The woman, who is still on the run, came into the store on Monday night and proceeded to grope a male customer before biting him on the neck. From there, she turned her attention to the clerk behind the counter. She asked the girl for a hug and when she leaned in, she took a nasty chunk out of the clerk's neck with her teeth!

See, this is why momma said never talk (or hug) strangers!!!

Thankfully, this "vampire" was caught on film, so the residents of Denver have a clear picture of who to pull out their crosses and garlic for. In all seriousness, the woman is pretty dangerous. Just check out the video (above) to see the damage she did!

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