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Kitty Practices His Backflips!

Filed under: Silly!PetsCuteness!CatCrazzzzyKitten

Holy snikeys! This cat can flip!

A black kitty can get some serious air when it's time to practice his floor routine.

Like for realzies! He's at LEAST 500 ft off the ground!!!

That's in cat feet obvis….they are pretty small! LOLz!

Check out this super cat (above) as he goes for the back flipping gold!

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Ninja Cat Gets Stalk-Blocked!

Filed under: Cuteness!CatFunny

Ha! That black cat is trying so hard to stalk his owner.

But his buddy has no idea what he's doing!

He just runs right up and starts sniffing ninja cat's butt! LOLz!

And then he just walked in front of him, ruining the element of surprise!

So funny.

Check out the video (above) for a ninja cat trying to sneak but getting cockstalk-blocked.

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Bang Bang! Cat Goes Down From Finger Gun!

Filed under: Silly!PetsCuteness!Cat


This cat deserves an Oscar nod!

Willow is a dahling black cat who knows what to do when a finger gun comes along.

Play dead! The look in her eyes is definitely worth a look by a few producers.

Watch (above) as Willow gives Meryl Streep a run for her money!

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Fan Pet Of The Day

Filed under: PetsCatFan Pet Of The Day



Today's Fan Pet of the day is…Charlotte!

Teddyhilton.com reader Sarah loves her kitty and especially LUVs her sneezy faces!

We can't get enough of her "achoos" either!

This black cat has some of the crazzzziest yawns and we MUST have her!

We mean…we must kittysit her! LOLz!

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Cute Kitty Can't Stop Falling Asleep

Filed under: Cuteness!CatFunny


That is so cute.

He's so tired but he keeps waking himself up.

Just roll over silly kitty!


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WTF: Owl And Cat Playing Together

Filed under: YouTubeCatCrazzzzyOwl

A bird and a cat are bffs!

Fum the black cat and Gebra the barn owl have been playing together for some time.

Watch this clip to see the odd couple cuddle and chase each other. Sometimes it's a bit scary - like at 1:47 when it looks like Fum is about to pounce. But then the animals just end up playing the cutest game of tag ever.

Seeing them has brought back our hope that maybe there can be peace in the middle east, and that Lindsay with someday be sober!

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Black Cats Beware

Filed under: Cat

black cats beware on halloween

Owners of black cats, watch out for your kitties on Halloween!

Many people would not even think of consider cats, however when Halloween rolls around think again!

Sites provide advice regarding that, in order to protect cats against sadist rituals observed by satanic cults, cats should not be left out. EEEK!

Many sites have been saying that these are just urban legends, and that thinking in this way is being paranoid…but you can never be too safe!!

What do U think? Should we keep our black cats inside during Halloween time!?

[Image via AP Images.]

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