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Amy Winehouse's Ex To Be A Father

amy winehouses ex to be a father

Very upsetting.

Last time we heard from Amy Winehouse's ex-hubby Blake Fielder-Civil, he had been arrested on suspicion of burglary and possessing a firearm.

Now, less than two months later, Blake's mom has announced that her son is going to have a baby with GF Sarah Aspin.

Blake's mother does NOT feel that her son is ready to be a father though, and she had the following to say about it:

"As long as he is with another addict there is no hope. The final straw was them doing drugs while she is carrying an innocent baby - they just don't seem to care."

"Amy said Sarah was 'fit to burn' and pleaded with me to get rid of her. She said while Blake was with her he would never get off drugs. And she's absolutely right."

So sad! We hope Blake and Sarah look into getting help before the baby is born. In fact, they need to get help NOW, for the sake of the baby's health!

Do U think Amy's ex and his new GF will get their act together? Do U think someone should intervene?

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Is Amy Winehouse Tying The Knot With Reg Traviss?!

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Well. Anything is better than her last marriage to Blaaaaaake.

Reg Traviss, who has been dating Amy Winehouse on and off since 2009, recently revealed that the couple are planning to get married - and soon!

He explains:

"Amy and I have been talking about getting married. We are looking to book something very soon. I am thinking of getting something sorted in the next six weeks for the end of the year. I love Amy very much, she's a wonderful, talented, lovely girl."

Aww! Sounds so nice!

Here's hoping that he can remain a positive influence on her life, unlike the last one!

Best of luck, you two! Let us know when you have all the deets sorted out!

[Image via WENN.]

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Blaaaaake Got "Nothing" From Wino In Divorce!


And if anyone sees just cause as to why Blaaaaaake should have gotten something, let them speak now and forever be known as a MORON!

The guy's as useless as silly putty. Please!

Amy Winehouse's ex-husband is claiming that he received no money in his divorce settlement with Wino, mostly because he didn't ask for anything. He explains

"I never asked. I didn't want to know, as I knew from the off that I wasn't going to. I imagine a few people close to Amy probably jumped for joy and some people close to me, especially my lawyer, said I was an idiot!"

Don't give your lawyer all the credit - a lot of people call you an idiot!

Like us! We always call them like we see them!

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Wino Getting Her Blaaaaaake Tat Removed!

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Severing the final ties!

Amy Winehouse has reportedly started the process of removing a tattoo she has dedicated to her ex-hubby Blaaaaaake!

She hasn't made that much progress sources say. Right now, she is only researching laser removal clinics that can take his awful name off of her tittay.

The decision to get rid of the ink wasn't just a personal thing. We hear her new fling, Reg Traviss, is unhappy about the tat and wants it gone too.

Sources say it won't be an easy process, guessing it will take up to 15 laser treatments to remove it. Some of the risks include leaving scars or melting her "boob implant."

See? The guy continues to be more trouble than he was ever worth!

Here's hoping your tittay stays solid!

[Image via WENN.]

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Blaaaaake Calls Off Second Wedding To Wino!

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Check every Whiskey bottle in London. Somewhere, crawling around the bottom, is Amy Winehouse and her broken heart!

Sources have announced that Wino's ever reliable ex-hubby Blake Fielder-Civil has called off their second wedding. The cancellation comes as no shock to us, but others might be wondering why the weasel is looking to get out of the commitment yet again.

According to sources, Blake is allegedly furious at Wino after pictures surfaced of her and neighbor getting friendly. He confronted her about them, but didn't get the reassurance from her that he needed. Now, he is planning to go back to rehab, which maybe the only upside to this whole thing.

And what about lonely Amy?

Sources say she has been trying to contact him for awhile, be he has since stop taking her calls.

Sad. (Not really.)

[Image via www.XposurePhotos.com.]

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Wino Goes Communist!

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Another crisis in Cuba - Amy Winehouse is coming!

Sources suggest that Wino and her soon-to-be reinstated hubby Blake Fielder-Civil are planning a second honeymoon to the country. Supposedly fans of Cuban cigars, the pair hope to get to Cuba as soon as Blaaaaake's court-ordered curfew is finally lifted.

Um, let's see if you two can manage making it down the aisle again first before you start thinking about inflicting pain on other countries and people.

P.S. - As smoking cigars seems to be their new "thing," sources say that Amy went bought a box of "Romeo y Julietas" because she thinks she and Blake are also "tragic lovers."

Yes, tragic is definitely a word we would associate with you two!

[Image via www.XposurePhotos.com.]

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Amy Winehouse and ex-husband/on-again lover BlAAAAAAke were seen up to their old tricks again Sunday in London's SoHo. Fueling the rumors that the two have gotten back together for good, the couple was spotted together publicly for the first time since their last breakup, looking their usual hammered selves.

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