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Alicia Fox Hits The Green During The Wrestlemania Pro/Am Tourney!

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Alicia Fox Hits The Green During The Wrestlemania golf tournament
Alicia Fox Hits The Green During The Wrestlemania golf tournament

She has been one busy lady the past few days!

WWE Diva and FitPerez blogger Alicia Fox not only participated in sponsored anti-bullying program at a very lucky middle school during Wrestlemania this week, but she also got to practice her skills on the green during the Wrestlemania Pro/Am Golf Tournament!

Ch-ch-check her out (below)!

Damn! Looks like she's got some serious force there!

Not that we would expect anything less from her! Ha!

How'd you do, gurl?!

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Blogger Saves 1,100 Dogs Caged To Be Slaughtered!

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china blogger saves 1000 dogs

Teddy is just thrilled about this!

In China, 1,100 dogs were about to be murdered in a slaughterhouse for the sake of consumption, but thankfully a blogger stopped it from happening!!

After Peng saw the dogs being shipped in stacked cages on a flatbed truck, he wrote an online plea in hopes of saving them. And thanks to the magic of blogging and internet communication, he succeeded!

Local law enforcements were able to

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More Piers Morgan Phone Hacking Drama!

piers morgan phone hacking drama continues

The drama continues!

Earlier this month, a conservative member of Parliament made allegations toward Piers Morgan, which included him in the recent phone hacking scandal.

As soon as

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London DJ Bip Ling Is Forever 21's New It Girl


Forever 21 has their new It Girl!

London DJ Bip Ling is the new face of the fashion chain where she will be on a mission to help the stores dominate in the UK retail market.

If you haven't heard of Bip, she's a former art student who started blogging to tell the world what she thought was cool. And now, she's become a force on the fashion scene and can even be seen in the front row of some of today's most prominent designers.

We have a feeling Forever 21 is trying to save their image by turning their recent legal woes with WTForever 21 blogger Rachel Kane into something positive.

Her first job will be to promote four new stores opening in London this year where Bip is rumored to possibly DJ as well.

She's cute, young, and fresh. We're sure she'll be a big hit with the Forever 21 crowd.

[Image via WENN.]

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WTForever 21 Blogger Is Back!


She's baaaaack.

Satirical fashion blogger Rachel Kane's HIGHlarious website WTForever21.com is back in business after Forever 21 threatened to sue her for expressing her First Amendment rights.

Rachel announced the victory on Tuesday with a celebratory new entry:

Dear Lovers of Gnarly Fashion:

After two legally baseless cease-and-desist letters from Forever 21, two painstakingly researched responses, and zero substantive replies from Forever 21′s legal team, I have no choice but to interpret the company’s non-responsiveness as an admission that my blog, WTForever21.com, does not infringe any of Forever 21′s rights.

Through my attorneys, Charles Colman of Charles Colman Law, PLLC, and Scott Burroughs of the Doniger/Burroughs Law Firm, I recently imposed my own deadline on Forever 21 which the company has failed to meet. My attorneys and I will not permit Forever 21 to use silence as a strategic tool or intimidation tactic, particularly when the company stood idly by for over a year as I blogged about their design disasters.

As such, please enjoy today’s long-overdue offering of WTFashions. This is a dark defeat for MC Hammer pants, floral jumpsuits and blinged out mini hats, but a joyous triumph for those who like to make fun of them. Which is pretty much anyone with eyes.

With love and lulz,

Good for you, 'bb!

We hope the silence lasts.

[Image via Getty Images.]

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Forever 21 Threatens To Sue Satirical Fashion Blogger


This is re-dad-gone-diculous!

Fashion blogger Rachel Kane is on the verge of a legal battle with Forever 21 because they lack a sense of humor and don't believe in First Amendment rights.

The company fired off a cease-and-desist letter last month and threatened to sue the comical WTForever21.com writer for "trademark infringement, copyright infringement, unfair competition and dilution" of the Forever 21 brand.

The letter goes on to say the name of her website "refers to an abbreviation for colloquial expression that the general public may find offensive" and has until June 10th to shut down her site or else.

There's so many things wrong with this lawsuit we don't know where to begin.

Forever 21 is acting like they're the only clothing company in the world to be critiqued. It happens ALL the time, you're not special.

We also find it hypocritical that Forever 21 is suing for copyright infringement when they too have infringed on copyright laws by knocking off other designers.

Hopefully the mounting backlash against the company will make them rethink this stupid lawsuit.


[Image via Getty Images.]

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Woman Told 'Too Big To Fly' On Southwest Airlines FIGHTS BACK

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Ugh! Such a shame!

Kenlie Tiggeman, a New York City woman in the middle of a weight loss journey, was almost denied entry onto a Southwest airplane during her return flight home because of her size. However, it wasn't an issue on her way to her destination.

She was publicly humiliated after employees grilled her on her weight and clothing sizes before allowing her to board. Unfortunately for Southwest, Kenlie was smart enough to document her discrimination with her smart phone.

As you'll see above, Southwest's tune quickly changed and the employee offers of an apology pretty quickly.

Kenlie ALSO happens to be a weight loss blogger who once weighed 400 pounds, but has lost 120 pounds to date! Congrats, gurl!

She wrote an outraged post on her blog after the incident, saying:

“I know that I have a lot of weight to lose but I am definitely not too fat to fly. I do it all the time, domestically and internationally, and I have never had anyone approach me and particularly in the way they did.”

Check out her positive message above asking for the discrimination to STOP and the equality to BEGIN.

We're with you, Kenlie! Southwest's behavior was totally uncalled for, but we're so happy you're standing up for yourself and others with similar experiences!

We think there are TWO morals of this story. 1) Don't discriminate. 2) Don't mess with bloggers! LOLz!

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